Monday, February 27, 2006

Abraham-Hicks: We are powerful when joyful. It's our natural state of being

If you have a subject that makes you uncomfortable when you think about it, it means there is strong desire related to it. Which means it really, really, really matters. So finding a way to think about it and feel good is your work. But it is equally effective to think about anything else and feel good, and let it in. You don't have to think about money in order to let in money. You just can't think about lack of money, to let in money.

Abraham-Hicks, North Los Angeles, CA - 8/13/01

You don't have to work at your high vibration. Your higher, purer vibration is natural to you. But you do have to let go of the thought that is holding your vibration down.


You are only as's the key for you..You are only as powerful as you are joyful in the moment!


Each point of view matters, every request is granted and, as this amazing Universe unerringly expands, there is no end to the Universal resources that fulfill these requests. And, there is no end to the answers to the never-ending stream of questions - and, for that reason, there is no competition. It is not possible for someone else to receive the resources that were meant for you and, you cannot selfishly squander resources that were intended for someone else. All desires are answered, all requests are granted, and no one is left unanswered, unloved, or unfulfilled. When you stay aligned with your Energy Stream, you always win - and somebody else does not have to lose for you to win. There is always enough!

Abraham-Hicks, ASK AND IT IS GIVEN, page 86

We want to find ways to convince you that the Well-being that you've been asking for is being answered. Your wish is granted. Now it's time for you to start accepting that it is done. In other words, "The financial institution has granted my request for a home loan. The school I have chosen for my child is fantastic. My body feels great. The money is flowing. My mate truly adores me. I have creations within me that are expanding. There is beauty before me. Every day of my life will be delicious. My future is bright. There is no such thing as decline. I am a vessel continually infused with powerful Energy. Well-being truly abounds. The earth spins in its orbit. The tomatoes continue to grow. My cells know what to do. My breathing mechanism is perfect. My metabolism is perfect. My elimination system is perfect. My blood knows what to do...

- Abraham-Hicks -

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The Word for the Day is: Choose

I noticed that I have been blogging and writing emails like crazy the last few days. I have also been concerned about making my rent for March. I realized last night that I feel really nervous about paying the rent and blogging/emailing was keeping me in my head instead of feeling the discomfort of nervousness in my body. I've had a lot of ways of keeping myself out of my body when I didn't like the feelings, and Abraham-Hicks has given me a way to deal with these feelings. So, now I'm ready to allow prosperity.

Any issue that seems to be outside myself, like money, relationships, or a job, is really a reflection of me. So, while I want to allow more money right now, I'm really wanting to allow myself to...what?! I know it will be good, but for some reason my mind feels like a cage full of gerbils when I try to think about I'll just discover it as I go along.

The word "choose" really stands out to me now, so I know it's significant. I'm being advised to choose to be prosperous. I've been thinking about that when I make my affirmations. Words like "try, want, and should" have lack in them. I've been saying, "the money is mine," for quite some time.

I was sitting her thinking and just did EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) because I just realized that in some ways I don't want to be prosperous. Interesting. I saw a lot of responsibility in it I didn't want and actually, a lot more of fitting in to society than I want to do. My mother was wealthy about half her life and I think these ideas came from observing her and her family as a child. My family lost all of their money when I was a year old so I grew up with her remembering what it was like and her discomfort with "poor ways." She is also from an older generation where people worried more about what others thought. From my perspective, having money didn't look like a very free way to live, hemmed in by what others expected her to be, following the rules. She loved it though. And it certainly was't fun living with her discomfort with life and my father. I wasn't raised with a lot of money and didn't respect some of the way she or her brothers and sisters thought about others, probably especially my father. I think I distanced myself from it by almost taking a vow of poverty -- I definitely didn't want to be like them. And when I graduated from high school, the 60's revolution was beginning and not being concerned with money was a big part of that flamboyant lifestyle. Then I got on the spiritual path and there are certainly issues about money in that journey!

Well, enough. I decide I want to allow prosperity. I realize that it is something in me -- that I have the power to change my thinking and I'm ready to do that. I already have abundance in so many ways and want to allow prosperity to be a natural part of my life.


Do not take a truck or a barrel. Open your passageway. Open your passageway and allow it to flow in a never-ending and continuous stream. All that you are wanting!......

From Abraham-Hicks A NEW BEGINNING I, Ninth printing, pp 205-207

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Abraham-Hicks: Why Source Energy Appreciates Us

Q: I know I have many questions but I find that I often disavow my own knowing by asking someone who I put on a platform. And so I came to sit in the chair because I wanted to have the experience of feeling you with me, and so I could feel our commonality rather than to feel our difference, because I tend to make the difference the factor so that I diminish myself.

Abe: And we want to help you to achieve that by acknowledging to you that we would not be here expressing at all if it were not for the summoning by that which is you. It's an interesting thing -- humans want nonphysical to be complete and perfect, and they want to see themselves as unworthy and trying to catch up with that. When really what's happening is that you, in your worthiness and your perfection, have come forth into this environment in order to conjure desire that summons that which is us. So we are the support of that which you are becoming. You are the leading edge, we're following through with that which you lead.


Q: Could you just say that one more time? (Laughter.) I mean, I got it but I just want to feel it, to hear you say it again.

Abe: The appreciation that nonphysical feels for the physically-focused human who bangs around in the contrast for the express purpose of giving birth to a new desire which summons All-That-Is forward into the bright new place. And without that expansion, we would all cease to be. So you are not, and have never been, broken and substandard, trying to [get] back into Heaven or the nonphysical. You've always been the creative genius out here on the leading edge carving the path for All-That-Is to follow. We're all in this together, and as we've said many times today, we seek to blur the line between what is physical and nonphysical. We would like to imbue you fully with the fullness that is us. We would like you to consciously love you as we consciously love you. But we cannot tweak your brain to make you think -- you get to think. That's that free will. And that free will is so essential in the contrasting, comparative experience because if you did not have free will you could not conjure a new desire. And if you could not conjure a new desire we could not move forward, you see. And so we would just like you to love yourself more and allow yourself more of the benefit that you are providing for all of us. You see, whether you allow it [for yourself] or not, the Universe expands and benefits by your very presence here. And when we talk about Art of Allowing, we just want you in on the fun. Because whether you allow it or not the Universe expands and whether you know it or not you are of value. And whether you know it or not, we all benefit by your existence. When you know it, when you know your value, then you get warm, fulfilling feeling, that oneness that we think is what you're really reaching for.

Abraham-Hicks, Fort Collins, CO, 6/14/03

What do you feel when you read this? I feel very empowered. This physical life is the leading edge. What I'm desiring right now is leading edge. I used to think that I needed to catch up to non-physical -- to spirit, to my Inner Being -- to a higher way of being that didn't feel like strangling some idiot talking on their cell phone while driving or get aggravated, frustrated, or jealous. I thought I would be much more together if I were more highly evolved -- if I could just get this spiritual thing down pat my life would flow more smoothly.

It's a very freeing feeling to me to think that I have something to offer Source Energy. I like to explore..ideas, places, relationships, myself...and I feel even more enthusiasm for it when I read this. And the thing I love about Abe is that I don't have to be highly evolved, cerebral, mystical, or a guru at all. I get to choose my life. And whatever I choose is just fine.

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Prosperity Partnership Program and Elyse Hope Killoran

On September 11, 2003, I picked up the phone and spoke to Elyse Hope Killoran about her Prosperity Partnership Program. It was literally a phone call that changed my life. I had come to the end of the line and wanted to change everything.

I was asking the question: how do we create our reality? I'd read the Jane Roberts/Seth material years ago and attended all kinds of spiritual/growth workshops; I'd read a lot of books, but it wasn't enough. I wanted to have more control over what happened in my life and how I felt.

I happened to run across Elyse's website, Choosing Prosperity, and gave her a call. Although usually occupied with clients, Elyse answered my call and when we spoke I knew this was just what I was looking for.

Elyse draws on many resources to support us in opening to abundance in every area of our life, but the Abraham-Hicks information was specifically the key piece of information for me. Abraham talks about emotions and what they mean in a way that I could clearly understand. Instead of trying to wrestle with negative feelings that seemed to hinder me and get in my way, I learned how to feel good and align with what I wanted by changing my thinking.

The ability to manifest -- to take one's visions, dreams, hopes, and fantasies and make them real -- is one of the most important skills people can learn to empower themselves and become greater lights to the world around them...The ability to create abundance will greatly add to people's ability to live rewarding and fulfilling lives. -- Sanaya Roman, Creating Money

Elyse tells her story of discovery and what has drawn her into this work. She is a loving, knowledgeable, and spirited coach. My life has changed for the better because of her and I am so grateful.

Elyse has a prosperity game, teleclasses, one-on-one coaching, a free newsletter, and many other resources on her website. There is also an opportunity to train to be a prosperity coach yourself. If you are interested in having your job be more fun, finding a loving relationship, having more prosperity, or just enjoying life more then I can highly recommend Elyse's prosperity program.

Elyse says: You too can draw to you whatever you want that will contribute to your highest good, tapping into the unlimited abundance of the universe. You have the inner resources. You have the universe's support. Your task is to learn how to consciously align your energy -- and that can be a simple thing to learn.

Move from knowing spiritual truths 'intellectually' to internalizing profound inner shifts and watch how your inner changes become reflected in your outer reality.

Become a magnet to Wisdom, Beauty, Clarity, Joy, Freedom, Money and Love -- by re-creating your life from the Inside-Out!

Next sessions begin the week of March 12th. Register for a free two-week trial to help you become optimally aligned for a powerful 2006 at: Trial Info

Today is Saturday. The sky is a clear, crisp blue and it's a beauty of a day. May your day be filled with beauty, too.

An experience of my Inner Being

I had an experience last night after I went to bed. I could feel how negative emotions held me off from the connection with my Inner Being.

I could feel a presence behind me and I could feel the distance that negative feelings caused. You might get an idea if you think of leaning against a lover who stands behind you. Their body feels warm and solid and you have that feeling of connection. Now mentally step away a few inches and feel the distance.

Abraham-Hicks actually says we are our Inner Being focused in this experience so we never actually lose the connection, but we can pinch it off so we don't feel it.

Negative feelings then become just information telling me that I'm pinching off that good feeling connection by my thoughts. The better I feel the more I notice these little thoughts that don't feel good. I may hear or see something I don't like and I start thinking about it and get a bit of a head of steam up about it and notice it because I'm feeling frustrated or aggravated. I'll tell you what. It's not worth it. Nothing is worth losing the connection. I'm not going to feel bad because I feel bad either.

I read one time that Eskimos have many more words for snow than we do. I think feelings are like that. There's no end to the exploration we could do in the good feelings. As you can tell, I'm very eager to take that journey!

I talk a lot about Abraham-Hicks on this blog because it is my journey right now with these concepts. Abe is the first to say that you don't have to follow what they are saying to be happy. They have come to speak for those that are seeking this particular information. I think for me, one main attraction is that I love figuring out how life works and really enjoy the feeling of deliberately creating.

I used to have so many unpleasant and intense feelings. Life wasn't a lot of fun. If you feel that way, I want you to know there are ways for you to feel better. If you don't have the prosperity or love you want, I want you to know it is available to you.

I'm still thinking about why I'm blogging. When I first started, I made posts that made me feel good -- they were sections of books or thoughts or quotes I enjoyed. Now it seems more like I'm journaling.

I don't quite know where I'm going with this, but I guess I'll figure it out when I get there!

Michael Riley on Freelance Writing

Michael Riley, also known as Featurewriter at Absolute Write, posted this response to a query asking about paying the bills by freelancing. I like it because he's made the choice to do what he really enjoys and he finds that he makes as much money as before in less time.

Getting to where I was able to pay the bills by freelancing entailed quite a learning curve, which continues to this day. Experience is the greatest teacher ... unfortunately, experience usually takes longer to obtain than the bill deadlines will allow.

Like most freelancers, I had other income sources to subsidize my growth during the early years. I got the books, studied the success stories, and applied the teachings. But I found that most of the instruction didn't work for me. At some point it became painfully obvious that I had to figure out what DID work for me and apply it. That's when things turned around.

Until that happened, I continued doing what I knew would bring income. A few years into the process, I reviewed my writing work to see how much time was required for each type of assignment ... and was surprised by what I found.

Some assignments paid quite well but I didn't enjoy them. Others paid too little for the amount of time required to complete them. Some of the high-paying gigs seemed like they SHOULD have been fairly easy to accomplish, but if I didn't enjoy them, I would procrastinate until the deadline forced me to act.

Recently I did a little exercise: I wrote down the types of work that I truly enjoy. That list revealed that I was pulling in about 60 percent of revenue from "energizing" sources, and 40 percent from "draining" assignments. It also indicated that the "energizing" gigs took less than half as much time to complete ... mainly because I was enjoying them!

So, I shifted my focus. The result was that in December I made as much as I'd made the prior three Decembers, but only worked a third as many hours. There were no new clients. My rates were about the same. The only difference was in the types of assignments I took on: the types that work best for me.

The post above was located in the forum thread: Who is paying at least half the bills freelancing?

If you enjoy writing, I recommend Absolute Write. You'll find insightful articles, market information, writer's resources, and a very articulate and interesting community of writers in the forum.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Abraham-Hicks: Law of Attraction Manager

Think of this random Universe where everything is possible. The organizational skills belong to Law of Attraction. If you will relax and allow Law of Attraction to do the organization, the managing, then you can spend your time doing the things that please you.

Abraham-Hicks, workshop 9/21/02

You attract by your vibration. Everything in the Universe is experiencing the powerful Law of attraction...And when you are vibrating in pain, you cannot attract joy. The vibration of pain attracts only pain. The vibration of joy attracts joy, the vibration of illness attracts illness...The Law IS, and the wonderful thing is that once you understand the Law, and you are sensitive enough to feel how you are vibrating, then you have control of your experience.

Abraham-Hicks, workshop G 6/6/92 B

Connie Chandler has some wonderful lessons that explain Abraham-Hicks techniques on her web site. I like the placemat process, a process that allows me to let the Law of Attraction manager take care of what I am desiring.

Abraham Processes at whatanicewebsite

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Enjoying experiences in life comes from already feeling good

We're not teaching reaching for thoughts that feel better so that you can make things turn out the way you want them to turn out. We're teaching it because in this moment of your frustration is your life, and we would not squander life on frustration. In other words, we want you to reach for thoughts that feel good not to get end-results that you want -- although you will -- but because when you reach for thoughts that feel good, you allow the connection of who you are here and now. That's what matters, you see.

We're not teaching the Art of Allowing or the Science of Deliberate Creation because we see the absence of things you need or relationships you need and we want to show you how to get those into your life experience. Your life is right now, your life is right now, your life is right now, your life is right now. And everything that you've ever wanted, anyway, is because you think you will feel better in the having of it. Feeling is life.

Abraham-Hicks, Albany, N.Y., 10/1/02

Now that I've had the big Valentine's Day shift and am freed from the resistance of old beliefs about myself and life (burdens, baggage, blocks), I am really able to explore how I create my reality. It seems like a lot of fun to me, an adventure!

I absolutely do enjoy having money, traveling, or good friends, but the pleasure in it comes from already feeling good. "Stuff" comes and goes, relationships come and go, but my relationship with my Self is forever. And that I can control All else I can appreciate and enjoy or, if I don't, make a choice to find what I do appreciate.

I've decided that if deliberate reality creation works, then it works. I'm going for it all the way! I couldn't find the Abe quote, but there is one, that we chose this experience on earth to "get our fingers in the clay" -- for the fun of choice and manifestation in the physical. The fun for me comes from knowing that Source Energy has granted my desires AND that I know now what to do to change my thinking and allow what I want. Boy, it makes every day like Christmas.

Everything exists for joy. There is not one other reason for life than joy. We've got nothing to prove to anyone, because nobody other than All-That-Is is watching. In other words, we're not trying to get brownie points from some other galaxy. We're not trying to get someplace else; we're not trying to get it done, because there is no ending we cannot get it done. Everything exists for the purpose of joy in the moment.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop 5/11/02

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Abraham-Hicks on awakening to how wonderful you are

We are wanting to awaken within you, your memory of how wonderful you are! How brilliant you are! How good you are! How worthy of whatever you are wanting you are!

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop G 1/13/91

Be as happy as you want to be in a world gone mad. Be as safe as you want to be in a world that is afraid of everything. Be as healthy as you want to be in a world that is mostly sick. Don't let the statistics that someone else has created affect you. You get to choose -- you are wise enough, smart enough, deliberate enough.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop G 11/24/90

You are the creator of your own experience. Be easy about all of this. Life is supposed to be fun. Lighten up. Play more. Laugh more. Make more fun of more things. Hang around with people who make you laugh. Go to places that make you feel good. Make the best of every situation. Look for the positive aspects of where you live. Look for things to do. Keep your mind busy. Focus upon things that feel good. Bring many people into your life. Make more decisions in every day. Have fun with all of this. Life is supposed to be fun. You are the directors of Energy—and your thought is the process by which you direct. There is so much love here for you. We are complete.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop 11/2/02-B

Love is all around us -- The Troggs

...and so it is. May you experience love in delightful ways today. :)

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Jump and the net appears

The amount of time it takes you to get from where you are to where you want to be, is only the amount of time it takes you to change the vibration within you. Instant manifestation could be yours if you could instantly change the vibration.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop recording 8/23/03

When I first heard about Abraham in the fall of 2003, I was at a place in my life where I was ready to change everything in my life. The way I had been doing things no longer worked for me at all. I didn't want to do any of it any more. I knew the minute I read information about Abe that this was just what I was looking for.

And as Abe puts it, I jumped in with all four feet. I didn't realize that the best way to go about this type of change was in increments. I wanted to change everything - my whole attitude about myself and life and also change what I was creating -- job, relationships, health, where I lived, relationship to my family and my past, success, and prosperity. So, what happened during these two years was that I was learning a lot and summoning a lot of energy with my desires for new things. I also had a lot of resistance from the old ways of thinking and behaving which showed up in stress, frustration, and fear. Abe does recommend going slow, learning to trust that all is well, and says that instant changes are usually uncomfortable. The quote above reminds me though, that change is easy and fluid when I allow it to be.

Nothing is more exhilarating than to dance through life recognizing that the Universe is there to yield to you whatever you want whenever you want it.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop G 2/12/94

I'm in the place now where exploring how we create reality seems like fun, an adventure. This attitude of feeling safe is recent. The Valentine's shift was a major one for me. I know there will be more changes, more awareness, more choices to make that feel better and better, but a major block has given way. It's been an intense two years, but looking back on it from the high ground, I'm so glad I did it quickly!

Jump and the net appears.

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Valentine's Day Shift

There were so many things that came to me to support me in making a big shift on Valentine's evening. The Abraham quotes below are from my friend, Gina, sent that day. The first one was an especially good reminder. When I want to bed, I spent a couple of hours talking myself out of my way of thinking about myself and family and the way life used to be that had been stirred up by financial and health conditions. I have been doing the work all along and the pan had been soaking in the sink, so to speak; now it was easy to clean it up.

I just kept saying things that felt better to think, and changed what I was feeling. It was so powerful to be able to change my mind like that -- to change thinking that seemed to be the way I was all my life. Any little bits of the old pattern that come up are easy to work out of now. They're not connected into a whole piece anymore.

There was a lot that came to me Valentine's day -- these quotes and other emails that just added other pieces that I needed to hear. Thanks, Abraham, and thank you, Gina!

Those old habits don't have to be erased, they just become replaced by a new habit that is more in vibrational harmony with who you are and what you want.

- Abraham-Hicks - 10/20/96

Your career as a physical creature upon this Earth is a creator. You're not a creator of things, you're not a regurgitator of what someone else has done, you're not a gatherer of "stuff." You are a creator, and the subject of your creation is your joyful life experience.

- Abraham-Hicks -

We acknowledge that everything imaginable is out there. In your physical world you have wonderful things and intolerable things, and by your standards you will find the Non-physical dimension to be the same spread of things. But you need never guard yourself against what you do not want. Just relax and allow what you do want.

- Abraham-Hicks - 5/24/91

As you practice at flowing the Energy, it gets easier and easier. Every day that you feel negative emotion, that negative emotion is always an indicator that, in that moment, you're looking right at something, you don't want.

- Abraham-Hicks -

When you talk about what you want and why you want it, it always brings you to your center. It always brings you to the vibration of your Core, and when you vibrate in harmony with that which is the Core of you, then you have the perspective of your Inner Being. As you start talking about why you want to be over there, you'll vibrate as if you are over there. Then your vibration in your Now is that point of attraction, and over there comes here where you are and becomes your physical awareness.

- Abraham-Hicks -

If you will look upon this time as a refreshing new beginning whereby you will utilize your creative ability, you will find yourself filled with excited anticipatory emotion rather than an emotion of dread or fear. We encourage you to begin envisioning your life experience as you would like it to be, and we encourage to be sensitive to the way that you feel as you set these thoughts into motion seeking always that positive emotion that indicates deliberate and positive creation. The Law of Attraction will assist you, for as you think of that which you desire, other thoughts will be attracted until you have completed the picture. And since your actions always follow the path of your dominant intentions, you will find yourself very busily readying yourself for the exciting time that is before you.

- Abraham-Hicks -

You are here in this body because you chose to be here. You wanted the opportunity to experience this delicious contrast in time and space, and with great anticipation you came to co-create with other joy-seeking beings, to fine-tune the process of deliberate thought. (What, where, when and with whom are your choices, too.)

- Abraham-Hicks -

In the same way that you don't put the sun coming up on your To Do list, don't put creating health on your To Do list. Just appreciate yourself into the Well-being that is natural to you.

- Abraham-Hicks -

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Cherokee Tale of Two Wolves

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, the battle is between two "wolves" inside us all.

One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy,sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?"

The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

I really like this parable for the reminder it gives me that I have the power to focus on what I want, and by focusing, I give life to what I want. I don't see the other wolf as evil, just not a good-feeling wolf, a mistake to be corrected. I have the power to choose what I want to feel and I like the good feelings better.

Yesterday my sister was coming to my house to help me take care of things I couldn't do and I got in a dither about it. I love her, but often didn't feel good around her because of the way she talks to me and what she focuses on. I needed help, but started feeling aggravated and defensive because I didn't want her commenting on my home and me. I had a big shift on Valentine's evening and since then it's been so easy to work up to better feelings. I used the following Abraham concept to think my way into a better feeling place about my sister and enjoyed her visit quite a bit.

Anything that you are wanting: don't stand in the lack of it and lament that it isn't there and expect it to come to you. It cannot. Find a little piece of it, a little string of it, a little trail of it, a little clue of it - look for something about it, and focus upon that little piece, and by Law of Attraction, watch it grow!

- Abraham-Hicks - 02/16/91

So, I just found a thought about her that felt good and as I thought that one, I thought of another one, and another one. And I added thoughts about myself and Source Energy and how I had asked for help with some things I couldn't take care of and how nice it would be to have it done. And shortly I was feeling pretty good about her visit! It changed from resisting things I didn't want to experiencing her visit as a gift I have asked for.

It's a beautiful day here. Very cold, but I'm enjoying from my snug, warm home office. Wishing you warmth and beauty in your day. :)

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

The blog continues

Thank you, Paint, for your comment on my last post. It was just what I needed to hear at the perfect time.

I have just been through an incredibly empowering shift in my thinking about my family, my childhood, and who I am, which happened night before last. I'll talk more about it in another post.

I have been looking for peace and happiness with myself and life since I can remember. I began actively reading and trying all kinds of new thinking when I went to college and it continued on from there. The Abraham-Hicks information has been the key piece for me that has helped me let go of the weight of that baggage and understand how to be happy and to create the life I want. Now, since Valentine's night, I have a shift where life truly seems like an adventure -- like fun -- and I am eager for more.

So, one purpose I have for this blog is to share the sources of information that have supported me on my journey. I do this to share my joy and to offer it in case it appeals to you. Even a link from one of these sources might be just what you are looking for. Like ripples on a pond, I send my joy out into the world to you.

I also have the intention to encourage you. If you feel that you have been struggling years and years and YEARS with something difficult, I want to let you know it is possible for it to change. You might have to soften the edges and nibble away and sort it out to get to the heart of it, but it does transform and it feels so good when it does.

And the last reason is delightfully selfish. I really enjoy writing. I like thinking and pondering and finding solutions. I love putting words together and finding ways that are even more pleasing for me to write and read again. I love being published! Writing seems to roll out a red carpet of discovery for me. It's part of the process and path for me. And how thankful I am for I enjoy it so much! I like the attention of someone reading my words. Look at me! Look at me! I love prosperity and success and having it with something I enjoy so much. I enjoy having others find joy or insight from my words. I would dearly, dearly love to offer words so that those reading would discover how wonderful they are, see themselves as special, deserving, beautiful...have more joy in their life.

This was the Abraham quote for Valentine's Day and it was so perfect, for that night enough had been nibbled on and softened and sorted that I made a big shift in my thinking. Thank you Abraham! Thank you ,Esther and Jerry, for making it possible for us to hear and read Abraham's loving words of wisdom.

Some things you're not letting happen right now because the timing isn't perfect for you. Some you're not letting happen because you are very aware of where you are. But all things, as they are happening, are happening in perfect order. And if you will relax and begin saying, "Everything in its perfect time. Everything is unfolding. And I'm enjoying where I am now, in relationship to where I'm going. Content where I am, and eager for more," that is the perfect vibrational stance.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop recording 9/17/03

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Rethinking my blogs

I'm rethinking the purpose of this blog or even if I want to delete it. When I first started blogging I didn't tell anyone. I just wanted to begin the process of writing where others could read it. I enjoy writing and wanted to include my personal experiences. This was a way I could experience the boundaries I wanted to set between what I would and wouldn't want to share. I went through a progression of making it more public. I told friends, then put it in my signature in the writer's forum at AbsoluteWrite.

I want to include personal experiences in my writing because I've found it helpful when other authors did. I could relate to it or it would help me understand something in my own life. The right personal experience can illuminate concepts concisely and vividly.

I also keep a private journal and now the blog seems more like it is becoming a journal. That's really not what I wanted to do. So, I'm thinking about what I do want.

I am changing so rapidly right now. It's gold to me and I do journal some of it, but I think it's too much to share. Is it understandable to others? What value does it have to others to share my own process of transformation?

I don't know if I'll delete this blog or start in a new direction. I'm rethinking everything in my life right now, so it's no wonder I'm rethinking this blog and Words of Well-being.

I will say that there are times when I feel strange. Do you remember the times when something happened that was so different that you felt strange -- you didn't know who you were at first? The first day I went to college I felt like that. I was out of my normal environment and experiencing myself in a new way. That's the way I feel alot of times now. I'm changing a very old pattern of how I thought of myself when I was growing up. I'm getting used to the strange feeling because it is happening so often now. I'm thrilled to let that old, stuck, unpleasant pattern go. I don't know what the new is, but I've decided that is definitely ok. I will be guided and find my way. So, I end up feeling strange and in unfamiliar territory at the same time. It's not like college where there were others going through the same thing and orientation meetings. It's just me, my guides and teachers, and a loving Universe. And all I can say is thank God to have that loving guidance!

Well, I did end up journaling after all. Oh, well! I'm still in the question of what to do about this blog and if I want to continue with it.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

EFT: We are babes crawling on the floor of the Universe

I've used the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for several years. I was taught the technique several years ago by a naturopath after I became quite ill following several surgeries. It's a fast and effective technique for changing energy/ emotional/mental states. I love founder Gary Craig's imagery and vision for the future of healing in his article about EFT:

Hi Everyone,

I was just reviewing the transcript of our advanced seminars and came upon this phrase by Dr. William A. Tiller, Stanford scientist and expert on intuition and intention.

"There’s so much. We’ve hardly scratched the surface. I think we’re hardly babes crawling on the floor of the universe. There’s so much which we will unfold in time."

Dr. Tiller was speaking, of course, of our true potential and all those abilities we have that transcend the capacities of conventional science to explain.

I bring this up because I have a keen interest in the "next level" of delivering healing. While the energy therapy techniques have lifted the profession to a new level in proficiency (for those few who are using them) they are, I think, just the beginning. We are, indeed, "babes crawling on the floor of the Universe" and there is more, much more, ahead of us. As the next 10 years unfold, I suspect we will be required to question and requestion our paradigms. We are in for some major pounding of our sacred belief systems. Belief relief may, in the near future, be our most ardent need. Many are already kicking and screaming because the mere mention of energy meridian balancing (tapping) violates everything that has been taught for decades in conventional psychology. These well meaning folks will be left behind until they become open to a paradigm shift.

Many reading this have already made this paradigm shift. For them, tapping has already been accepted as a wave of the future in the healing field. However, this is probably only the beginning. I suggest that there are many more waves of the future that are far grander than our current tapping paradigm. We are babes crawling on the floor of the Universe. We have much to learn.

But we resist new paradigm shifts. They are uncomfortable for us. As an example, I've been reading with some interest our recent thread on the "100th Monkey" phenomenon. It was originally introduced as a topic for our forum by Dr. John Hilkevich's article on EFT and Spirituality. He used it as a metaphor to make a larger point regarding the pervasive energy field and our ability to AFFECT IT THROUGH INTENTION. In my opinion (and experience) I think the use of intention (and intuition) will be the centerpiece of the next wave.

I find it interesting that few, if any, picked up on this larger point. Instead, a debate took place regarding whether or not the "100th Monkey" phenomenon was scientifically valid. This is of interest, of course. But to me, this may be a diversion from having to confront yet another paradigm shift. It is within our comfort zones to discuss/debate subjects such as this (100th Monkey) and it is perfectly understandable that we do so. The other stuff (intention), to many of us, is from woo-woo land and we become uncomfortable being open to something so dramatically beyond most of our beliefs. So, we discuss tangential issues instead. We stay within the comfortable and ignore the belief busters. I'm not saying that was the intention of our contributors. Indeed, their points were well made. I am, however, pointing this out as a tendency.

Here's another example of the resistance to paradigm shifts. I had lunch last week with a gentleman wherein I brought up the subject of spoon/fork bending (with the aid of intention) as demonstrated by Dr. Marla Brucker in our second advanced seminar. Immediately my companion blurted out, "I'm not impressed!! That stuff is magic. Yuri Geller tried to foist that on the public years ago and it is a parlor trick. It is a magic act!!"

I was instantly deemed a second class citizen (even though I paid for lunch :-)) by my friend because I so blatantly violated his beliefs. The fact that I was in possession of a fork that was dramatically deformed by Marla during the seminar was of no help. The fact that other participants (beginners at metal bending) in the seminar also easily bent their spoons/forks, was immaterial. It was still magic. I asked my friend how this supposed magic trick was done. He had no answer.

It was simply magic.

I said, "People have been using intention to help bend metal for decades. Surely, if it was magic, someone would have written a book, appeared on 60 Minutes or done something to expose/explain how this magic trick is done. No one has ever done this. Why not? Our society loves to expose phonies and does so at every opportunity. If it is really phony, why has no one been able to explain this other than it being the use of mind over metal?" But none of this mattered to my friend. If it is unexplainable within his belief system, it is magic. Period.

Further, I am reminded of the many conversations I have had with "scientists" regarding our ability, with proper mental conditioning, to walk with our bare feet on blazing hot coals. It is often pooh-poohed by the scientific community and explained away with such answers as, "a thin layer of sweat appears on the soles of the feet which insulates them from being burnt."


Interestingly enough, those offering the opinions are not willing to walk on hot coals with their bare feet to prove their point. I have done this 7 or 8 times and the only time I have been burnt (big time blisters lasting two weeks) was when I fell out of my mental state during the fire walk. Where was my "thin layer of sweat" on that occasion? On all other occasions, it was like walking on my living room carpet.

We are babes crawling on the floor of the Universe and limit ourselves enormously by our own beliefs. If we are to progress we must stay open. We must stay open.

Love, Gary

We are babes crawling on the floor of the Universe

About EFT

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Just love everyone that interacts with you

Just love everybody that interacts with you no matter how personally, or how peripherally, involved with you they are. The efficiency of the people who deal with you... everything is orchestrated by the manager called Law of Attraction. And your vibration is setting all of it into motion. Everything affecting you is a reflection of the vibration that you are emitting. Spend more time focused upon your dream than upon the reality. The reality gives birth to the dream -- but the dream is where you are wanting to put your attention.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop recording 1/13/01

This is the first time I've read this quote -- I find it intriguing. By loving everybody that interacts with me, I am loving myself because my vibration has attracted them. And the people I find difficult or unlikable -- reflections of myself? Abe talks in terms of vibration so there is a vibration in me that is calling that person to me. It seems like it would just be easier to love and accept all of myself and then I probably would naturally love or be loving with everyone I interacted with.

It's interesting too, that the quote says "the efficiency of the people who deal with you..." I've experienced that. When I've felt in a crappy mood I could tell that I was spreading it around. Some people are soothing and efficient in reaction and some times it just gums up the works and produces delays. And vice versa, I've been a ray of sunshine at times when I could tell someone wasn't feeling up to par.

Spend more time focused on my dream...hmmm. I've been doing that -- it's part of the Abe concepts that I read about from the beginning. Now that I'm understanding the material better I'm wanting to live it more -- I'm eager for the new to begin replacing the old right in front of my eyes -- in my home and in what I do. I'm sorting in preparation to selling on eBay (yes, I will get to it soon!). Out with the old.

I remember an exercise I did one time. We were to write our perfect day and then take one thing from that day and start doing it now. It was so much fun to do the exercise, I think I will do it again. If you try it, don't make any restrictions whatsoever. If your perfect day is to walk on Mars, then so be it. And making it real can be to have a vase of flowers in your home if that was part of your perfect day or something like that. What we think does become our reality -- we might as well choose the dreams we want to happen :)

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The energy of pinched-off feelings: Overwhelment, frustration, and jealousy

Abraham talks about feelings as our indicators of whether we are in alignment with our Inner Being or not. When we feel negative feelings, it is information that we are pinching off the well-being that flows. My education and training taught me to analyze the feelings and come to terms with them and there are technques that I use like that that are still helpful. It's much quicker to move to better feelings with energywork and Abraham's concepts.

It's helpful to me to realize what is happening to my experience of well-being when I have a negative feelings. Ok, so I'm pinching it off, but how? I don't have to look outside myself for an answer. I don't have to have money in my hand or have someone else turn into someone I like better to feel good. It's my responsibility and under my control. I find that very freeing.

I'm going to start a list of feelings and how I see them as pinching off well-being. The only one I have that is defined by Abraham is overwhelment. If you have other Abe quotes for feelings or your own take on it, I'd love to know -- just leave a comment.

Overwhelment is about you not being up to speed with what you told the Universe that you want. The Universe is yielding to you. You're just not ready to receive it right now. Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop recording 5/13/02

Antidote: My favorite way to allow well-being to flow is Abraham's placemat process. I use it for everything, but it's my favorite when I feel overwhelmed. Connie Chandler's Whatanicewebsite has an excellent description of this process.

Frustration: When I have a strong desire I am summoning a lot of Source Energy. Frustration happens when I also have an equally strong resistance to that desire. For example, if I wanted to write a novel, but don't believe I know enough to do so. If the desire and resistance are equal -- I have writer's block. Frustration feels like having one foot on the gas pedal and one foot on the brake.

Antidote: Placemat process again. It also works to make a list of five things to do. I make them as basic as I need to and they or may not be about whatever I feel frustrated about. It just gets the energy moving in a positive way. I can also use EFT on the feelings.

Jealousy: This one seems to be when I see someone who has or does something I have a strong desire for. It's when it also seems like they are equal to me -- they are an ordinary person (not on an Olympic level of whatever it is). It's something I could do, but I'm not allowing myself to because my beliefs are limiting me. I just read a series of gentle mystery books and I felt angry by the time I finished the books. The stories didn't get seemed like she was just filling in the blanks. I could write as well as she can! I haven't, but I could (grin). I have enough belief in myself to feel I could do it, but I get bogged down when I try to do it. There are a lot of feelings involved in reading her books, frustration, anger...but also jealousy.

Antidote: I think the antidote would be to just do it myself. I'm still working on this one. I placemat the desires and feelings. I can make a list of five things. I did start a book and now want to abandon it. AbsoluteWrite has a novel writing thread called Learning writing with Uncle Jim (the author, James D. Macdonald). I read a lot of novels and I've read a lot of "how to" write articles and books. I think Uncle Jim will help me get unstuck and at least get going again, so that's what I'm going to try next.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Come firewalk with me

The only thing that makes the difference in the way you feel right now is the thought that you are thinking right now. It doesn't matter how much money you've got; there are joyful people with no money, and there are unhappy people with lots of money. How you feel is about how you are allowing the Source that is You to flow. So when we talk about the Art of Allowing, we're talking about the art of living; about the art of thriving; about the art of clarity. We're talking about the art of being who you really are.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop recording 7/20/02

I've had enough proof in the big things as well as the small ones, that I know now that deliberate conscious creation really works. Last Friday so much had happened that I had to admit to myself it was true, not just every once in awhile, but it was the way things worked. I walked around in a daze all weekend. I was thinking, if all is well then how do I live my life? What do I do if there's no need to struggle or resist in any way? None.

I was in a wonderful place and then astoundingly, I made some phone calls about an hour ago...wanting to be responsible about my health and finances...and damned if I didn't get into a crying maelstrom of unpleasant feelings.

I'm also getting in touch with objects and sounds from the late 60's and early 70's -- high school, college, early years of my marriage, peace, love, light, Nixon, us and them. I've been decluttering and turning up magazines, buttons, and newspaper articles I had saved from that time. Right now I'm listening to a couple of Beatles' songs, Rain and Get Back from that time. I haven't heard them in years and years (thank you, Charles!). I have so many feelings and memories from listening to those songs.

I feel better now, but I felt like a little tornado whipped up inside me from stem to stern and whirled emotions around. The phone calls triggered fears -- I would rather not go to the doctors. The objects and especially these songs triggered something else. Hopes I had about my marriage (I've been divorced since 1989) and about my life and life on this planet. Even if we have a difficult time in childhood or early adult years, there is still a hope that comes from being that young. And I could just feel the vitality and strength I had when I was in my 20's.

Abe says how we feel is what is important. And from that come the things that we want. Even after I found Abe's concepts, I knew feeling good was important, but I still wanted the things -- the job, the peaceful home, the money to pay bills, the health. More and more though I'm realizing that feeling good is what is important. The more I start receiving the things or experiences that I have wanted, the more I understand how this works. I develop trust. I've shifted my consciousness for the better about the conditions and therefore the conditions themselves will shift for the better.

My friend, Gina (Metaphysical Musings) explores these ideas, too. She describes me as driven and I have felt that way. But with trust it becomes more a feeling of being focused. The driven feelings came from feeling fear.

I remember reading about Anthony Robbins, the self-help guru, who was giving firewalks. He had everyone going to the workshop stand and watch them stack telephone poles in a great pile and set them on fire. They stood until there was a huge blaze and then went into the workshop to learn about firewalking. The coals from that fire would be where they would walk. He said it was great motivation.

So, I have some financial things going on. I've been down to $2 bucks or less several times in the last few months with no apparent prospects for more. There are health issues that I can see and feel that I've let limit me. That's my bonfire.

I used to buy into the "wisdom" that we learn from trials and struggles. That we grow as a person when that happens. It may be true that we grow then and it's a tribute to each individual that they do seek out the best in themselves in difficult times.

I don't think I have to live that way any more. I do think life can be easy. I do think I can learn as much or more from positive experiences as from struggle. I think it's a matter of perspective. It's getting the new perspective in place of the old patterns. The trick for me is to do that when I'm in the midst of the old ones -- they seemed so real at the time. Or at least they used to seem so real.

I'm really pleased to know that if the old stuff comes swirling around, I can let it go. I feel balanced and refreshed inside now. Maybe once we allow the energy to move, it happens like that...a big swirly inside that rearranges everything.

I'm just glad to feel better and I definitely feel better about seeing the doctors. I can handle it. The rest of it I will give to the Universe to take care of and deal with it when the time comes. There's plenty of time...and all is well.

Peace and Light,

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dealing with family

The biggest factor is the belief factor. So, if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would decide what we want, and then we would work every day to bring ourselves into vibrational alignment with it. Find someone who's living an aspect of life that you would like, and observe them more than whatever you've been observing. And your life will shift to what you are observing, because what you are observing, in this case, is dominating your vibrational patterns. Pick the best from everything and use it as your role model, and use it as your reason to offer a vibration, and watch your life be transformed into all of that.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop recording 9/24/03

I used to use that technique when I worked in an office. There would be people that I really admired. If I had something I wanted to do better I would notice how they handled it. I learned from them. There are writers I admire and I enjoy how they write and how they develop characters as much as I enjoy the stories. Same with movies. Their skill enhances the story.

I wrote in a previous post about a big shift that is happening to me this month. Feelings about family came up as the next step to deal with so this quote is really timely for me. I am wanting to feel better around my family and to feel better about them. I moved away right after high school (1966) and just moved back about three years ago because I had an inner feeling that it was time to heal old wounds and come to terms with my thoughts and feelings about my childhood and family. I am so glad I did. My brothers, sister, and I have had a difficult time with our dad and I was able to come to terms with with my feelings about him. He died last summer and I was so glad to be able to freely love and comfort him as he was going through his illness.

I'm looking for a way to be who I am and communicate with family. Let me give you an example. I have a brother who is a nice person, but he hunts, shoots cats, thinks Rush Limbaugh and the John Birch Society have something important to say, and uses the N word for African Americans. You get the idea. He's not the only one. I love animals, especially cats. I'm not always on the liberal side in politics, but most of the time I am. I believe in respecting the environment, animals, and each other. If I see a spider or bug in the house I will catch it, bless it, and release it outside. They try to come in when it starts getting cold. I've never had a problem otherwise. My brothers, sister, and I met for lunch the other day and there was a place in the conversation where it fit to tell them that. My brother about spit out his drink laughing. I feel so different than my family that I haven't told them who I am. And I don't feel I am respected when I do. And, no, I don't confront them about things like that. I grew up in an angry household when I was very small and I kept a low profile, still do pretty much. It would help so much for me to be able to work through that and tell them what I think -- and don't worry, that day's coming!

I got into this topic about family from the Abraham quote above. Abraham is saying that to experience the Source Energy that we are...we need to appreciate. There is a buffet of life and when we choose to think about and to look at what we appreciate, then we will create more of that in our lives. More importantly, we will feel the love and creativity and joy of Source Energy. And the quote above talks about focusing on people we appreciate. There are things I appreciate about every family member, but more that I find aggravating. And I don't like how I feel around them. In Abraham terms I feel a lot of resistance around them -- about them and about myself. This is a blog about my path to feeling good. And I definitely want to feel good so that's incentive to deal with all of this old crap. I can't change them, but I can change myself. And I do believe that as I change they will shift in their relationship to me. The point isn't to get them to shift though, the point has to be for me to allow myself to feel good about who I am no matter what.

Friday I had the most powerful experience of reality creation -- it really, really works. And Saturday I just kind of spent the day in amazement. I can see there is no need to struggle or worry or resist about anything! So, on this topic of family, I know it's the same way. We create by our desire and our intention. I've spent so much time resisting family that I'm not even sure what something positive would be. I certainly don't feel like I have the right to desire them to change. And when I think about being who I am around them it seems like I wouldn't fit in at all -- I just feel really isolated. At least I feel like I can kind of blend in now and talk about what they are interested in (the shortest way to get to so and so's house, the price of gas, illnesses and surgeries, how great Bush is, Nixon was a wonderful fellow, killing animals for fun and pleasure, cleaning, what everyone else in the family is doing). Do I sound like as big a snob as I felt writing that? I have to laugh -- oh, well, then I guess I am. It is true though -- that's a huge part of the conversation. My ideas, education, spiritual beliefs, and personality are so different -- pretty New Age for one thing.

I'm just sitting here thinking. You know, it's not what they think and say that is bothering me. If I can come to terms with myself, and accept myself around them...I don't think anything they say will bother me. I might not agree with it and can say so or not at the time, but I don't think I will feel sad or hurt or angry or alienated and isolated. I believe I can find a way to stay connected to that loving Source Energy when I am around them.

Well, that's it! That's the desire that I have -- to stay connected to Source Energy when I am around them. And that's how quickly reality creation works. I had the desire to understand what I wanted and by the time I got to the paragraph above, the answer was given to me. In psychological terms, I would say that I was giving away my power to them by feeling that I needed their approval in order to feel good. I could see that, but I thought I would have to somehow learn not to want their approval and love and I would also have to heal...release...forgive all hurtful memories of the past. But I don't have to deal with all of the patterns from the past. I don't have to change myself. I don't have to have them change. I don't have to undo or heal whatever happened when I was a child or even last week so that I can feel good. I don't have to go into therapy for years. I don't have to do any of those things to stay connected to Source around them. All I have to do is desire it, and it is mine.

From this awareness will come other enlightenend thoughts when I am around them -- of how I want to respond to I want to think of I want to feel about myself. And much more understanding that I will find out about as I let the energy flow through this old, stuffy, slow-moving area of my life.

And so, anything that anyone wants whether it’s a material object, a relationship, a state of being, a circumstance, or a pot of money… anything you want is because you think, in the having of it, you would feel better...And so, you have this natural barometer inside of you that is always helping you reach for an improved feeling. The You that is really You has a broader perspective, not only from this physical experience, but from all that every one of you has ever lived. You will not be misguided by paying attention to the way you feel and reaching for the feelings that feel best...It is not possible for you to reach for what feels good, and do harm to anyone—it is not possible.

Abraham-Hicks, San Rafael, CA, 2-21-04

They cannot disconnect me from Source! No one can. Nothing can. What a powerful thought that is. Abraham is saying that Source Energy, God, the Universe, All That Is answers our every desire. It is by staying connected to Source that we allow it. And we know we are connected when we feel good. The more I have trusted, the quicker and more easily I have experienced this being true. It seems like magic! This makes life so much easier and fun and I certainly do feel better.

There's nothing like being in the trenches -- in the midst of whatever I am not liking -- to really focus on what I am really wanting. I decided yesterday though, that it's enough of learning through struggle. Now I want to learn what it's like to live life more easily. To go from one joyful adventure to another.

I feel turned around from feeling like I was wrapped up in duct tape when I was thinking about my family to feeling calm and at peace. How cool.

I just LOVE learning how reality creation works!! I've been exploring spiritual and New Age concepts for about 25 years or more. I found Abraham-Hicks a little over two years ago and that was the key piece I needed to put it all together. If you ever have any questions about how Abe's concepts work for me or anything I've said, just tell me in a comment and I'll discuss it in a post.

Wishing you a beauty of a day!!

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Abraham-Hicks: The Power is Within You

You are killing more of each other every day over your quarrels over religion than all other things put together, because you cannot even come to an agreement about what you think God says, or wants for you. On one side of the world God wants something different than the other. On one side of the room, in one side of your mind, God wants something different than on the other.The power is within you. You are extensions of this powerful Source Energy. You are literally God expressing in this physical body. And so, as you are standing in a thought, or in a word, or in an action that feels good to you as you are standing there then you are fully open and allowing all of that Divine Energy to flow through you. And in that moment you are all that you said you would be when you decided to come forth into this body. You are the extension of pure positive energy. You are in your full creative power. You are thriving. You are clear-minded. You are joyful. You are filled with love. You are who you are. You are allowing that which you really are.

Abraham-Hicks, workshop 9/30/00

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