Monday, February 27, 2006

The Word for the Day is: Choose

I noticed that I have been blogging and writing emails like crazy the last few days. I have also been concerned about making my rent for March. I realized last night that I feel really nervous about paying the rent and blogging/emailing was keeping me in my head instead of feeling the discomfort of nervousness in my body. I've had a lot of ways of keeping myself out of my body when I didn't like the feelings, and Abraham-Hicks has given me a way to deal with these feelings. So, now I'm ready to allow prosperity.

Any issue that seems to be outside myself, like money, relationships, or a job, is really a reflection of me. So, while I want to allow more money right now, I'm really wanting to allow myself to...what?! I know it will be good, but for some reason my mind feels like a cage full of gerbils when I try to think about I'll just discover it as I go along.

The word "choose" really stands out to me now, so I know it's significant. I'm being advised to choose to be prosperous. I've been thinking about that when I make my affirmations. Words like "try, want, and should" have lack in them. I've been saying, "the money is mine," for quite some time.

I was sitting her thinking and just did EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) because I just realized that in some ways I don't want to be prosperous. Interesting. I saw a lot of responsibility in it I didn't want and actually, a lot more of fitting in to society than I want to do. My mother was wealthy about half her life and I think these ideas came from observing her and her family as a child. My family lost all of their money when I was a year old so I grew up with her remembering what it was like and her discomfort with "poor ways." She is also from an older generation where people worried more about what others thought. From my perspective, having money didn't look like a very free way to live, hemmed in by what others expected her to be, following the rules. She loved it though. And it certainly was't fun living with her discomfort with life and my father. I wasn't raised with a lot of money and didn't respect some of the way she or her brothers and sisters thought about others, probably especially my father. I think I distanced myself from it by almost taking a vow of poverty -- I definitely didn't want to be like them. And when I graduated from high school, the 60's revolution was beginning and not being concerned with money was a big part of that flamboyant lifestyle. Then I got on the spiritual path and there are certainly issues about money in that journey!

Well, enough. I decide I want to allow prosperity. I realize that it is something in me -- that I have the power to change my thinking and I'm ready to do that. I already have abundance in so many ways and want to allow prosperity to be a natural part of my life.


Do not take a truck or a barrel. Open your passageway. Open your passageway and allow it to flow in a never-ending and continuous stream. All that you are wanting!......

From Abraham-Hicks A NEW BEGINNING I, Ninth printing, pp 205-207

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