Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bashar: feel good first

Waiting for circumstances to change so you can feel good is like looking in a mirror waiting for your reflection to smile first.


After posting the quote above, I explored the Bashar site. I just listened to a free audio of his workshop on The Fundamentals. If you go to the Bashar home page, click on the Free Audio link to hear it.

This is exactly the information I was asking for. Fun how this works, isn't it? :)

With great humor, Bashar talks about our nature and the nature of what we "see." He compares the physical world with a mirror, saying that is absolutely all it is, a reflection. I've often thought of it as like a video game that we play, but his explanation works well for me. He talks about responsibility as being our ability to respond, to make a choice. For us to feel good and experience it reflected to us, we have to do it with no expectation that it will be reflected -- we do it for the joy of being who we truly are. There is so much here. Abraham gave me the key to my emotions and Bashar is answering questions I had about how this works and taking action.

The 90 minute audio is rich in information and a complete explanation of Bashar's reality creation concepts told with much humor and energy. I also really enjoyed Darryl Anka's talk about his path to channeling Bashar.

What fun! Wishing you a beauty of a day.
Bashar quote copyright © by Darryl Anka. Bashar Home Page

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At Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 10:08:00 AM EDT, Anonymous kristen said...

I found the Fundamentals written out at (excellent material)... best wishes to you7 yrs after you posted this! Ah but its all actually NOW :)


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