Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I've decided to just have fun blogging and writing

I figured out what was bugging me about my blog. At first I had been blogging things that made me feel good when I read them and felt good give out into the world. I felt kind of glowy when I looked at the posts.

Then I thought about writing an article or book about the process I'm going through learning about reality creation and that posting here might be practice. I wrote so readers could understand Abe (which it's possible I would do anyway), but in some way there was an element of trying to figure out what readers might want to read about. I was censoring what I wrote to try to respond to what someone I didn't know might be thinking and wanting to know! No wonder it stopped being as much fun.

So, I decided to begin again, blogging just for fun. Posting things that I am giving out into the world because they make me feel good when I read them or think about them, because I love the words, ideas, and experiences I have had from them. Because it's fun for me to do it. It honors what I love. I enjoy it. Whatever -- it's just more fun to do when it pleases me.

I think writing would work best doing the same. It sounds like much more fun to me to write stories that I find interesting and that's it. Not writing to try to hit a certain market unless I want to. Writing what pleases me. It's so, so much easier to focus my energy and write that way -- and much more enjoyable. I think that's why I did spend years writing poetry and not publishing it. No worries about grammar or anything -- just for the fun of it.

It sounds like a plan. Write for fun, then ask and just let the Universe take care of guiding me to the markets and other resources to get it published.


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