Saturday, March 11, 2006

Abraham-Hicks on negative emotions and aligning with Source Energy

I just listened to the Abraham-Hicks workshop on 10/15/05 in Washington, DC. Abraham spoke about negative emotions in a way that I haven't heard before, as an experience when we are called by Source Energy.

I've been feeling the powerless range of feelings since my latest February 28th shift and yet it has been different this time. It felt very unpleasant, but I didn't feel the need to suppress them. I was experiencing them intensely and yet I was also doing the things that I knew were in the direction I wanted to go -- my gratitude journal for one thing. After my last shift on Feb. 28, my friend Gina suggested we go through the daily affirmations in Louise Hay's book, I Love My Body. I just love saying these affirmations and they have been a great help.

So, I was wanting to feel better, doing what I could to feel better and remembered Gina's gift of the Abe workshop in DC. I just listened to it and feel so much relief. Abe was saying we ask, the Universe creates what we desire vibrationally, and CALLS US to what we want. We hear the call and the negative feelings are what we feel as we kind of stumble toward what we desire -- they are those feelings of powerlessness of not knowing what to do (such as sadness, depression, anger, frustration). So, it's important to follow them and take the next step..and the next... and do whatever comes to us. Not to turn around and go back because we think we are going in the wrong direction because we have those feelings

When we are comfortable with all of our feelings and understand how deliberate creation works, we can quickly move up the emotional ladder to alignment with our desires and feeling good.

We can get to the point where we don't even experience the powerless range, but just enjoy savoring the desire knowing that it will be fulfilled. I picture it as feeling like every day is a gift waiting to be opened.

This time Abe's message that all we experience is due to our own vibration really hit home with me and was very freeing to hear. What a relief! I'm cleaning up more of that old stuff of believing my feelings are tied to something "out there" and it's a relief to be reminded it's in me and under my control.

It's an interesting thought to consider money being inside me and not "out there" in a job or some other outside source. I can think of talents that I have, that are inside me, and when I give of those talents I receive money. I think there is much more to it than that though. I'm not getting anything from Abraham that says there is a direct exchange of "you give" and "you receive" money. The message is, be the joyful being you are in truth, and all you desire comes to you. Actually, my desire for money is actually a desire for freedom, for autonomy, for doing what I want when I want to do it, for being creative just for the fun of it, for taking care of my body and nurturing my spirit, for having fun. I'm sure more will come to me about this.

Thank you Esther and Jerry Hicks and thank you Abraham! I am so glad to feel better.

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