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Abraham-Hicks: Wonderful long quote about who we are and what life is about

Abraham: Everything that you are living is adding unto that which we are all about, you see. And so when you sit before us and you offer your appreciation of that which we are, we cannot begin to express in words the appreciation that we feel for your place in this motion forward.

Because after all, you are out here on the leading edge of thought. You are the ones exposing yourself to the intricacies of the new possibilities. You are the ones giving birth to the thought taking it beyond that which it has been before.

And all benefit by your allowing yourself to have that experience. Whether you allow yourself to catch up with the energy and have the benefit in the moment of it or not, the Universe's expansion is because of your leading edge stance, you see.

Our work is not about that leading edge stance because we know that has to be. That is a given. We cannot cease to be and we cannot cease to move forward.

In other words, this expansion of the Universe is happening continually. There is no way of stopping it. But our part with you is, as we talk to you along the way and you now relax more and more and allow yourself the "in the moment" alignment with this energy, now things really move along in a very satisfying way.

And there is nothing more satisfying for us than to feel your satisfaction. Because in your satisfaction, you allow us fully to flow through you and it reflects back. In other words, it's like the completion of the cycle, never ending cycle.

It just keeps starting all over again. Something new to think about, something new to not understand, something new to understand. And the satisfaction of bringing it into alignment is what we are all about.

We and you are wise enough to know that we will never get it done. And so, it sort of makes you wanna stop and savor more moments, doesn't it? Nothing to race toward because nothing is incomplete.

In other words, nothing is incomplete in the sense that it is flawed in any way. Everything is incomplete in the sense that it will constantly be amended.

And so, time for everyone to focus in their NOW looking more for the nuggets of excitement and anticipation.

Looking for more things to praise and more things to feel stimulation about.

More things to analyze and more things to ponder.
And more things to conclude and more things to feel satisfaction over.

And more things to appreciate and more things to love.
And more things to enjoy and more things to savor.
And more things to anticipate and more things to explore.

And more things to not understand and more things to then understand.
And more things to feel satisfaction about and more things to adore.
And more things to find positive aspects of and more things to appreciate.

And more things to love and more things to savor.
And more things to ponder and more things to contemplate.
Are we repeating ourselves?

Guest: Umm hmm. (laughter)

Abraham: More things to continue to use as our reason for feeling good in this moment. For that is life, yes. Whether you catch a fish or not. (laughter)

Guest: I appreciate your great sense of humor, too.

Abraham: Yes indeed. (applause) There is not something that you're supposed to do. You can feel the power of that which you have the ability to do. AND YOU'RE WANTING TO FIND SOME WAY OF CHANNELING IT.

And the primary thing that we've been wanting all of you here today, to hear today, is that there are not more virtuous things than others.

In other words, everything that you're setting your attention to is worthy of source energy flowing to it. You've just got to decide what it is. Life is really supposed to be good.

And you are adored by Source Energy. You cannot get it wrong. And even though there are plenty of things that you think you have done wrong, there is nothing that Source Energy acknowledges as having been wrong doing by you.

You are pure positive energy here in the physical body, out here on the leading edge of thought doing a very good job. And Source Energy is extremely pleased to interact with you in all ways. There is GREAT LOVE here for you. We are complete.

Abraham-Hicks, Workshop in Indianapolis, IN, 5/11/02
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