Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Gift of Love from Gaia-Mind

The Gift Love
from the Grace Suit
Key concept: Recognising the Oneness between you and All That Is; loving yourself; sharing

All life is the spiritual evolution toward the realisation that we are Love. God is Love and created us in the same way. Our spiritual journey is just the falling away of illusions through healing, to the recognition of love as who we fundamentally are. Love is sharing. Love is giving. Love is extending oneself to another. Love is receiving from another. Love is the recognition of the lines of joining - the Oneness - which exists between us and ALL THAT IS. Only our beliefs that we are other than this make a world of pain. It is the remembrance, or the discovery, of who we truly are which leads to a world of love and safety.

Using the card: If you receive this card today, it is a day for rejoicing. Today is a day when you are most receptive to receiving, recognising and being directed by God's Love for you and for the whole world. Today you are an ambassador and minstrel of love. You bring glad tidings of true reality. Let your day be filled with love for yourself, and love will pour through you to others. It will help you to remember who you are, and allow you to be the conduit for healings and miracles.

Gaia-Mind: From the beginning, we intended Gaia to be a vehicle for revelation, for synchronicity, for the unexpected miracle of grace. We believed technology could do something unpredictable, spontaneous, emotional, illogical. They have many interactive, intuitive features for healing the body and relationships. The above is one of the cards from the Problem Solving 3 Card Reading. It's a lovely site with much to offer. Check it out at


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