Saturday, January 14, 2006

More about how we come into harmony with the experience we want

When you know that you want something, and you give your attention to that which you are wanting, and you vibrate with it -- it always comes to you. When you know that you want something and you notice that it isn't coming, by your attention to the lack of it, you hold it away from you -- it is really that simple.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop recording 8/31/93

Interesting to think about. The key seems to be the part that says "and you vibrate with it." I've had that experience, but it just seemed to happen. It didn't seem to be anything I did to make it happen. My first year in college I just "knew" that Purdue was going to the Rose Bowl. I got a job and didn't even count my money along the way or plan. I didn't worry about a thing. Purdue did go and I had all the money I needed to go to California. It just happened in such an easy way. I think the desire this was fulfilling was a desire to travel and it was fun to go with college friends.

I seem to definitely be completing anything that was left hanging from the past. I had a box that had been moved and moved and I'd never gone through. I found a letter written by my ex-husband after our divorce -- very honest, painful and wonderful at the same time. I wish we'd been able to talk that directly when we were married. I know I would have to have been a different person to have allowed that. I'm glad to know I'm much more capable of it now. I found some letters and cards from old boyfriends I dated after my divorce. Found something else that made me realize a childhood memory of abuse was true --something I just never could believe, but I knew right then that it was true. I don't miss the marriage or boyfriends and certainly not childhood traumas. I have felt at peace about all of it for some time. But this seems like a very final affirmation and ending. It feels really good to have something tangible to physically throw away as a way of really letting it all go. Out with the old energy. In with the new. It's completed. It's gone. Enough.

Trust seems to be the key for me. If I trust that Source is going to provide good things and what I do each day is what feels right to me, then...well, then life will be an adventure for one thing. I won't be planning things out for days or years to come!

It is an incredibly beautiful day today. Blue sky and white clouds, cold and windy... but beautiful from the toasty warmth of my office. Today I feel like working on my novel and have some other stuff in mind.

Life is good.

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