Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Feeling good in the midst of change

John Cali

A few weeks ago, my good friend Jim and I were discussing money. Jim (not his real name) soon started talking about his investments.

He was complaining about his investments fluctuating so much over the years. And he started focusing on several times when they had plummeted -- like September 11, 2001. Jim said he lost many thousands of dollars that fateful day.

"But," I replied, "look at all the money you've made over the years. You started out with virtually nothing, and now you're a millionaire!"

Jim, however, wasn't seeing the big picture. He was focusing only on the "down" times or the "bad" days. As the cliche goes, he couldn't see the forest for the trees.

Isn't that the way we often look at our lives? And then we get lost among the trees. We focus on the times when things appeared not to be going our way. And yet, ultimately, things always go our way because well-being is our natural state.

Here's Chief Joseph.

Chief Joseph

Many humans spend many of their waking hours "lost among the trees." We love that title John picked for this week's message.

We realize it's very easy for you -- as individuals, as groups, as governments, etc. -- to get lost in the trees. There is nothing wrong with focusing on the present moment, on the trees right there in front of you. In fact, that is the only way you can fully live your lives. You only live now. Now is all you have. Now is all you ever will have.

But your current now is the result of all the "past nows" you've lived. Every experience you've ever had -- in this lifetime or in any other, perhaps hundreds and thousands of other lifetimes -- is part of this present moment.

You would not be where you are today had it not been for those past experiences. They are a part of you, no matter how negatively or positively you view them -- a necessary part of your "now experience."

And they're all good. They are the trees that make up the your personal and spiritual forest. Some of those trees you probably wish had never grown in your forest. But they did. They are there. And they're all good. All!

What this all comes down to, friends, is trust. Trust in the goodness of the Universe. Trust in the goodness of your higher selves. Trust in the goodness of your human selves.

When you follow your inner guidance, trusting completely, you cannot -- cannot -- ever go astray. Even when you don't follow your inner guidance, you cannot ultimately go astray.

Every "tree" in your "forest" is a good tree. Once you've seen it from that perspective, you will never again be lost among the trees.

Tuesday Evening

I am at a wonderful place!! Circumstances have an appearance that I would have felt much fear about even a few days ago. But today I stand here and say to God, ok, I feel at peace. Despite appearances, I know you are here. I know you have everything planned for me. What's next?

The placemat process is one of my favorite Abraham-Hicks suggestions, and I used that process to give my request to the Law of Attraction Manager. Today when I got home from work, I asked for good feeling thoughts about qualifications tomorrow for the project I'm assigned to and wish to work on, for the move that will take place within a couple of weeks, for movers, and the funds for everything needed. This is really a "jump and the net appears" moment. I have had the desire for so much change and it's occurring. To handle all of it, I stay focused on this day, right Now. I feel like I'm riding on a rubber raft on a river. Just hang on and enjoy the ride.

Abe says when we have something we desire what we always actually want is to feel good. Because our feelings follow our thoughts, when I placemat I ask for good feeling thoughts about whatever it is that I desire. It's more direct than asking for what I desire and helps me understand that my thoughts control my experience. I gain more and more of a feeling of control over how I feel. It gets easier to float my cork in the midst of contrast. A placemat example would be: Manager, give me good feeling thoughts about the qualifications tomorrow. Or I might give negative feelings to the Manager and just say that I want to feel good and ask the manager to take care of it for me.

Because I'm not waiting on some "thing" to feel good, but have asked for good feeling thoughts, the Manager sends the guidance very quickly. Sometimes within a minute or two. This time I was guided to lean back and channel for myself. The guidance asked me specifically what I wanted and I gave it. I was given a segment of information, but since I wasn't writing it down I don't remember it all right now. I do remember that they said several times to "let it play out. Stay calm and let it play out. Everything is worked out. Just let it play out." So, that's what I am doing. I want to feel good all the way in this experience of co-creating.

I also opened an email from John Cali, who channels Chief Joseph, and there was the link for the article above by Chief Joseph. I'm awed at the thought of all of those lifetimes bringing me to this place. And I love the reminder to trust. Trust in the goodness of the Universe. Trust in the goodness of your higher selves. Trust in the goodness of your human selves. Just trust. From this article, I have an expanded perspective on the events that are taking place. Putting them in the perspective of even this lifetime, they are minor. I also really enjoy that feeling that Source knows what I am looking for and has guided me to Chief Joseph and John who were talking about money --- the area that I have been wanting to feel well-being about.

This experience I am having right now is in response to my desire to create a life I love and enjoy, to take care of myself comfortably in every way, and to remember that I am a powerful, loving co-creator. There is the appearance of much change in my life, the old has dissolved. I'm literally putting much of the past in my car and taking it to the thrift store, throwing it away, giving it to friends and family, or selling it -- that's the things. I'm also changing my thinking as I go through this -- learning more each day.

Abe says that when we choose to feel better, it will get better. So, no matter what...it will get better because I am choosing to trust and feel good. I feel curious and excited to see what Source has in store. And there are so many things I enjoy about this process. I love learning more about how reality creation works. I prefer so much more being comfortable, calm and peaceful, asking for guidance, following it, and having that feeling of connection and companionship with my Inner Being, Guides and Teachers, Abe and All That Is, rather than worrying and trying to "fix" things and try to stay ahead of what would have appeared to be going wrong in the past. Now I understand that it is just the old dissolving and that creating reality means standing in the midst of it and seeking thoughts of well-being without seeing or knowing where the expression of well-being is coming from -- just trusting. As I do this, the door opens that is waiting for me and as I walk through that one...and trust...the next door opens...and so on.

Marianne Williamson wrote the loveliest abundance prayer, so for your pleasure, here is my gift to you...

May you be financially blessed today. May the Universe open up and pour out a blessing, that you will not have room enough...to receive it all. May you be blessed exceedingly... abundantly...above all you could ever hope for. May you be blessed in such a way, that you will walk in a financial overflow for the rest of your days. And may you be blessed with the Divine Guidance to use this abundance for the highest good. In the name of all that is Good.

Amen...So Be It... And So It Is

The loving words of Chief Joseph are channeled by John Cali. Visit their web site for more articles or to sign up for their newsletter, Sentinels of the Sky: http://www.greatwesternpublishing.org

The Manager:

Think of this random Universe where everything is possible. The organizational skills belong to Law of Attraction. If you will relax and allow Law of Attraction to do the organization, the managing, then you can spend your time doing the things that please you.

Abraham-Hicks, 9/21/02

When I write a request, it may just be to the Manager, but sometimes I inlude any other non-physical presence I desire connecting with: Jesus, God Goddess All That Is, Abe, Mother Father God, my guides and teachers, my Inner Being or others. I just write my request in the way that is comforting to me and feels good.

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