Sunday, May 28, 2006

Staying Connected...what a wonderful feeling

I used the placemat process this morning, giving my resistant feelings to the Manager and asking for good feeling thoughts about the upcoming months. I played Solitaire on my computer and quickly got answers. I had insight to just be present with the way things are right now. "What is" is the contrast that ignites my desire.

The message seems to be not to get hung up on the contrast. It feels like a relief to stop pushing against it and to relax. I feel energy to do other things today when I relax. I feel the energy to take care of things that I want taken care of. I feel hopeful.

I truly have changed the way I think tremendously and it is happening so quickly and easily. I saw a niece yesterday that I haven't seen in about four weeks and we talked about the upcoming months. She commented on how much I had changed. The way I am approaching this situation this morning is a big difference from last night when I talked to her even. It is getting easier and easier to float my cork.

I played a little more Solitaire and got a feeling of trust. This is what trust is: To be in the midst of the contrast that has seemed so real to me in the past. To hold to my connection in spite of it. And to feel the connection. To really feel the connection and stay focused on it at the same time I'm perceiving the contrast which appears to be "reality." I heard Abe's voice saying, "Now you've really got your fingers in the clay." To be aware of "what is" and standing in it calmly and experiencing it and at the same time being relaxed and knowing who I really am, staying connected. This is a powerful feeling. The words "Be here now" are coming to mind also.

I love that feeling of connection. I love writing to the Manager and having the answer given to me so quickly, quickly, quickly and easily. I feel joyful. I am so thankful that this Loving Universe is the truth.
The Manager:

Think of this random Universe where everything is possible. The organizational skills belong to Law of Attraction. If you will relax and allow Law of Attraction to do the organization, the managing, then you can spend your time doing the things that please you.

Abraham-Hicks, 9/21/02

When I write a request, it may just be to the Manager, but sometimes I inlude any other non-physical presence I desire connecting with: Jesus, God Goddess All That Is, Abe, Mother Father God, my guides and teachers, my Inner Being or others. I just write my request in the way that is comforting to me and feels good.

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