Friday, May 26, 2006

Abraham-Hicks: You came forth to create -- being on the leading edge

Never a crowd on the leading edge, is there?

Talk about the minority on the leading edge… why do you think there is never a crowd on the leading edge?

When the universe will yield to you anything that you can conjure, isn't it fun to say, "well, what can I uniquely conjure? What can I do or be or have or feel that is even better than what anybody else has ever experienced?" That`s why there's not a crowd on the leading edge ­ it's because you are always… we are all always reaching outward. We are supported by everything that has come before, and everything that is happening now is giving birth to the new desire, which is pulling us forward into that which is new. And there are so many people who are looking at what-is, that it makes them stand in the present state of being longer.

We really want to say this: that the only place that you will ever be satisfied is out there on the leading edge. You will never be happy tromping around in the "reality" that everyone agrees upon and just regurgitating it. You didn't come forth as a historian, you came forth as a creator of that which is new. And that's where all satisfaction and fulfillment is.

Abraham-Hicks, San Diego, CA 2/7/04B
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