Sunday, May 14, 2006

Feeling strange? Let yourself out of the box.

At work a few days ago I "felt strange", that vague feeling that something is different. I realized the feeling was a signal of a shift. I think in the past I would have thought something was wrong and taken some action to feel more comfortable, to get "back in the box" so to speak. Since learning and practicing principles of reality creation, I know now that every shift is a coming into alignment with and allowing that which we desire. So shifts are safe.

When I felt the discomfort and realized it was signaling a shift, the discomfort turned into excitement and a quickening of my energy. I loved knowing that something I wanted was coming and that I had a signal of it.

So, what happened? I had been asking the Universe for more money. At work, I had been shifted and shifted on projects and I got shifted and trained around noon on another project. At 4 pm they told us we could work as late as we wanted until 10:30 that night! This overtime was only offered to the 10 people that were on the project that I was put on that afternoon. I'd been up since 5 am, but this was easy for me, we stood around a lot while they moved us, had breaks, they were very kind and easy going at night...very appreciative of us staying. In other words, the U moved me right into a place where I could take advantage of what I had been asking for...the money to flow!!! Out of about 1,500 people working that day, I was one of the few on a project that had overtime right then. What fun! I felt like God was answering me directly. I felt energized by the experience, hopeful!

I've moved so much, not only changing houses, but often states since I was a baby. I've had a desire for stability because of that. Part of me is very comfortable with change. I'm used to finding a place to live, a new job, doctors, new friends, grocery stores, banks, etc. But I had certain things set up in my life to provide a kind of emotional comfort and stability that I desired. Now I'm learning I don't have to do that. It's very freeing to learn I'm in control of how I feel by changing my thinking. Before change for me was more like going from a smaller box to a much, much bigger box. I wanted plenty of room, but wanted to control what was around me. Now it's more like being in a big rubber raft in a river, the change flows through me and around me and I don't have to control it by building boxes.

May you have a beauty of a day!


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