Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Abraham-Hicks: Open the floodgates!

open the floodgates...

It's time for you to start enjoying life. It's time for you to start feeling about you and your life in the way we feel about you and about your life. It's time for you to begin to reap the benefit of what your life experience and its contrast have yielded for you. It's time for you to open the floodgates and let what's piled up right outside your door in vibrational escrow in.

And then next month, we will meet with you again and have a meeting about demanifestation!

Because so many things that you want will begin flowing in such abundance into your experience that you will find yourself wanting to be more and more defining about what you put your attention to.

Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco, 2/11/06
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