Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Movment of Energy from Psychology of Vision

Interesting timing to get this e-zine from Psychology of Vision.

The month of April is inviting you to broaden your horizons. There are new people to meet and network with and opportunities abound. Steps taken in April will have effect for the next two-and-a-half years. It is time to break out of your mold and do things out of the ordinary. Do things in an extraordinary way. Inspiration is all around you; if it’s not, you are just afraid to be inspired favoring your comfort zone instead.

If you are feeling less than inspired, you could get back in synch with the flow. When you are in the flow, life is easy and it is unfolding smoothly. Life is fun and delightful. Doors open. The right people show up. Opportunities multiply. Life is good.

To have this occur, in spite of whatever is coming up for healing, is to simply want and commit to it. Want to be in the flow with all your heart.

Notice when you are out of the flow.
Enjoy it when you are in it.
Commit to the flow.
Want it with all your heart.

Flow is a state of natural unfolding that comes of pure unselfconsciousness. It is the result of grace. Success and being in the flow are synonymous. All the conflicts, problems, distractions and delays become secondary to being in your essence in the flow of life. Your essence is the real you -- that which lives for your purpose and destiny. The result is a best self experience with lots of possibility emerging and potential being realized. It was always there; you are just more available to it in April.


This could prove to be a month of big emotional waves. Things you thought you had finished with but only dissociated instead, will make their way to the surface for another opportunity to heal. Be aware that exhaustion, bad luck, illness are just displacement of these emotions coming to the surface. These things are meant for healing, and it shows are out of sync in some area. One easy way to get through some very dark emotions is to be willing to get in synch. This can be done in an outward or an inward way. Sometimes, it is both. Outwardly, you find what it is you are called to be doing, instead of what you are doing. This can happen on an hour to hour basis. Inwardly, we get in synch by realigning with the God’s Will for you. Sometimes, all it takes is to commit to being in the flow. These are very simple methods to deal with might be an overflow of effluvium. Don’t let this distract you from all the wonderful, creative and life changing offers that may be coming to you, but remember, as Thoreau wrote, “Only that day dawns to which you are awake.”


The best news of April is how the month can be filled with a carnival of colors of vibrant good feelings coming together in sweet poignancy and depth of good feeling. It is there for you if you can tune into it. This deep and tender door waiting to be opened is not far from the door marked, ‘God.’

Would you open the door to Oneness once more?

Would you allow yourself that transcendent experience that is always going on in your spirit?

It’s your month. What will you do with it? Will you resist and have trouble or align yourself with Heaven?

Chuck Spezzano
April 2006

April 2006 - Psychology of Vision Newsletter


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