Sunday, March 19, 2006

"Mana"festation or what is reality all about anyway?

I don't have the quote at hand, but I believe Abraham says something like 99% of what we desire is created before it manifests. Bashar and Abraham's concepts are quite compatible, but sometimes having someone say something from a different perspective gives me that "aha" that I'm looking for.

Bashar talks about the Universe's side of the equation in a bit more detail that gives me the insight I was asking for. The Iasos web site has quite a detailed write-up of Bashar's blueprint, giving the core concepts in order. So, the following is pulling information out of that context.

All possible "versions" of your reality already exist. In fact, they are all here - right under your nose - right Here, right Now. However, most of these "versions" are invisible to us, and they become "visible" only when we "tune" ourselves (via our beliefs), to be compatible and resonant with the frequencies of any one particular "version".

As an analogy, if your computer screen offers you many choices, and all you have to do is click on one of them to select it, then your imagination is the total of all the available choices on the screen. Moving the mouse to the desired choice is like focusing your imagination on one particular vision. And then clicking on that choice is like using your feelings to activate your selection.

Misconception: "Seeing is Believing" (What we perceive determines what we believe.)
The Actuality: "Believing is Seeing" (What we believe determines what we perceive!)

As an analogy,
A TV set does not "create" the program it's displaying. It just "selects" it and "allows it in".
A radio does not "create" the radio program it's playing. It just "selects" it and "allows it in".

Realizing this, it should make it feel even EASIER to create/select/allow the version of reality you wish to experience, because


All possible version of reality already all exist! (When they say God is Infinite, they're not kidding.)

Creation all exists Here-Now, outside time, in one eternal-Now moment. Therefore, everything that you believe you might "someday" get, you actually already have! Everything is here now, but in varying states of visibility/invisibility - depending on the frequencies on which you are vibrating, which depends on the beliefs that you accept as "real".

When you "pray" for something, you do not need to pray to get something you do not already have, since it's already right there in front of you. Instead, you are actually praying to be able to see that you actually already have it. Because.....when you can see that you already have it, then your vibration frequency-matches the vibration of that which you desire. And once you frequency-match with that which you desire, then it has to manifest in your reality! Everything is energy. You can not help but then get that reality, because that's the physics of how the universe works. When you match-frequencies with what you desire, you will then see that it has always been "right here", just waiting for you to notice it and start enjoying it.

I just find this very reassuring. Everything that I want already exists. What Abe is saying about allowing makes a lot more sense to me. There have been some things that I have wanted that I have been working on to manifest. And there was struggle in that "work" I was doing. Even using EFT, prayer, or tools that Abe recommends... they are meant only to change my thinking...not to reel in what I desire. The wanting to reel it in like a fish on a line was the resistance -- taking the action of reducing resistance in order to get what I want is resistance!

We are SO safe! Can you feel it? Everything really is alright. Whatever we desire is right here for us.

Trust is the key.
Bashar is channeled by Darryl Anka and Bashar material is copyright Darryl Anka.


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