Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Relaxation and Lots of Energy

I'm just following this shift with interest. Last night I felt so much relaxation inside, not feeling it in my muscles although they followed the relaxation, but deep inside. It was a fairly pure state of being.

It's working for me to check with my Inner Being when I feel I'm going off in my thinking in a way I don't enjoy. I might give my Inner Being a desire about the way I want things to be, but much more often my desire is just to want to feel good and it feels good to me to connect to my Inner Being. I took private pilot lessons and the analogy they use is that when you are flying from point A to point B you are off course most of the time. You constantly adjust your heading and end up flying in the direction you intend. Same with this I think. I adjust my heading to "feeling good" when I touch in with my Inner Being.

I was checking in during the day and by the time I was driving home from work I felt like I had so much energy wanting to express! I felt like I was in a cocoon and it was too tight and I was ready to go free. I couldn't even think of anything that would be bold enough or alive enough to express all of that energy except something like sky diving. It would be so immediate and Now oriented to sky dive.

I was thinking this evening when I get home that I don't have to consult the Law of Attraction Manager (the Manager) or consciously think about what I desire or "work on it," the Manager knows what I want and is working on it. I don't have to be concerned about it at all unless I want to for some reason.

What interesting times these are.



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