Monday, April 03, 2006

A river runs through me

I was aware this morning that what is going on is that I am in the midst of some kind of shift or change. I didn't feel the anger of yesterday, which was resistance. I felt new and different. Well, that's ok. I can be comfortable with change. This time the shift seems to be going on it's own. I can feel I am changing. I don't feel the need to be in control of it. It's like being on one of those rubber rafts in a moving river, not so swift it is frightening though. Actually, now that I tune into it I have more of an impression that I am aware of an energy flow that is always there. Yes, like a river runs through me.

I trust that what is happening is what I have asked for and that it is good. I trust that it will be fun and enjoyable and loving. I don't feel like I know what it means or what is coming. Although I have had my desires and thoughts and daydreams about what I would like and they were interesting and fun to think about, there's no real life to them and this feels very much like there is life to it. I feel a lot of strength and vitality in my body which is absolutely wonderful!!! I love it.

For the moment, I seem to be an observer of this change. I like this a lot and the adventure and mystery of it pleases and interests me. I love trusting that it so safe to trust this creative energy flowing to me and through me. Or maybe it is me. I don't know and don't have to know. The Law of Attraction Manager is in charge, bringing me what I have asked for, the essence of it in some joyful way.

Actually, now that I think about it, I wonder if I'm just becoming aware of the energy flow that is always within me. I was thinking that I became aware of it because something was being created that I asked for. Perhaps it is actually the river of life that always runs through me. I wonder if this is what flow really is? If so, then I think it means constant change like a river smooths pebbles and rocks. This constant change happens because I have sent out my desires and so the energy adjusts my thinking and being so that I allow what I desire.

I like it a lot -- I don't have to do anything but allow my thinking to change and get out of the way and just enjoy each day, each moment, the eternal Now. I can spend my time having fun and thinking up new things that sound like even more fun.

Reality. What a concept!

With this new shift, I've been having the desire to begin channeling again. When I do it, I'll put the channeled information in Words of Well-Being. For now, though, have a beauty of a day. :)


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