Monday, April 24, 2006

The power of "and"

Here is a technique I use to soothe resistance when I have a desire and an opposing belief. This would be when I have something I desire, but the opposing belief is saying I can't have it or that it will be unpleasant to have it.

For example, say the desire is to have abundance and the opposing belief is that I have to struggle to have abundance. I have to work long hours. I have to prove myself in the job. I have to work my way up the ladder. Whatever...

The "and" statements are whatever bring relief. To do this you would choose the words that specifically address the resistance. You will know them by the feeling of relief. Some examples for Abundance/Struggle would be:

I can have abundance and feel relaxed.
I can work and have fun.
I can be paid well and have work that is easy for me.
I can be very well respected at my job and work 40 hours a week (or whatever).
I can be successful and happy.
I can go home on time and be successful.
I can spend time I desire with my family and be successful.

It's a way to find the unity in what appears to be a conflict in desire and beliefs.


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