Sunday, May 14, 2006

The "problem" and solution exist at the same time

Notes from a few days ago: I realized that this situation is a reflection and if the hurt to be released is a reflection, so is the support. It is reflecting all the awareness and work that I've done.

Believing in realty creation, I know I am responsible for what comes to me. It's not something I've done wrong (the condition I don't like) and then I work on it and then get something I like because I've changed my vibration. It's not one or the other flopping back and forth.

The old is only showing up because I've kept it in isolation. It seemed to be from beliefs and ideas before my current time of awareness. I realize now that everything is all together at the same time. Everything that can be exists in the Universe right here and Now. Before this, I didn't realize I could choose. I felt stuck -- it was the way I thought, the way my family thought, the way I had been raised, the way "society" thinks. But now I see the problem and the solution exist at the same time and realize I have the power to choose.

As I write this I feel such strength! And feel this new life is here and now.

I relax and trust God and let God's good come to me.


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