Monday, May 22, 2006

Thoughts about manifestation

I have been thinking about the nature of reality and manifesting. I keep thinking about what Bashar said about everything being here Now. Abraham says we align or attune ourselves to the vibration of what we desire. It seems to me that the way it works is that I don't bring something into manifestation or even attract it. It seems to me that I allow myself to see what I am wanting. It literally is all right here, right Now. There is only the Now. That's the idea I'm playing with now.

As Abraham says, everything that I want is because I think I will feel better in having it. The more I experience that this is true, the more I am willing to take the emotional journey to feel better each day. And as I take that journey I feel more in the present than I did when I had goals and things I was working toward "in the future." The more I pay attention to the emotional journey, the better I feel.

Abe says that when we feel good, what we desire comes to us, that the essence of our desire comes to us. So, if three people wanted the same one thing, the Universe can supply the essence of the desire to all three. And I've been thinking about that term "essence of our desire." The essence seems to me to be the feeling that I think I will have when I have the thing I desire. I'm noticing how I feel when I sit and daydream about something pleasant. The feeling of the day dream is really staying with me. I feel like I'm living it!

Say I want money because I want to feel free. And yet, there are those that have money that don't feel free and those that don't have money that feel free. The emotional journey is to change my thinking so I realize I am in control of this feeling of freedom. Freedom is truly to realize that I am in control of my experience of life...that I am in control of my thoughts and feelings.

So back to my original thought: what we desire is right here all the time. You've probably experienced it, too. Some man or woman come to your attention, someone you hadn't considered as a mate and, yet, they were there all the time. Or you thought you would never meet anyone and you meet in line getting your driver's license. Or a solution to a problem appears that was right under your nose all the time. I think all we need to do is change our thinking and we allow ourselves to see it.

What is becoming useful to me is to think of what I see, my world, as a reflection of my thoughts. Like a conjurer, I change my thoughts and what I desire appears. "We see what we want to see."

I'm thinking that we literally create our own world. There is no separation from Source. We are not here in physical and others are there in non-physical. There is only Here and Now.

And the process of creating our world is viewing contrast, what Abe calls the buffet of life. We see things we like and appreciate them. I've realized that when I see something and don't like it, I've just had an alert that I can certainly change my focus, but I can also choose better feeling thoughts. When I see the contrast, I have a desire, Source answers, and I allow myself to see the answer. To allow, I use my thinking to change my focus or I change the belief that didn't feel good when I saw the contrast. It's cumbersome to write it out, but the more I do it, the easier it becomes. I really enjoy experiencing I am in control of how I feel.

I'll end with the Abe quote for today. It seems so appropriate for my thoughts on manifestation.

It is as easy to create a castle as a button. It's just a matter of whether you're focused on a castle or a button.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop 1/12/97
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