Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rainbows, Mustard Fields, and Choosing to Feel Happy

I've just been thinking about several things today. There are conditions in the work project right now that I could certainly feel unhappy about, but the thing is, I want to feel happy no matter what. This year I've had the experience of working myself out of really intense negative feelings in less than a day. It's a very empowering feeling. In some ways I just want the good feelings to take me along for a ride and I am reminded daily that what I think and therefore what I feel is my choice!

Example: I'm sitting in a cubicle with a low wall and the fellow sitting on my right side has breath that is not pleasant to say the least. The woman on the left side of me, Susan, is a lot of fun and becoming a friend. The fellow's breath was wafting around me so I asked the Law of Attraction Manager (the LOA Manager) for help. It was so unpleasant that I didn't want to take a breath so I got some Big Red gum and offered her a piece and then him. He didn't want it.

So, I chewed a piece and then put the gum on a wrapper on my desk hoping it would smell plesant. Not enough. So then I picked up the wrapper with the chewed gum and waved it around a bit and told Susan the situation. We were laughing and talking about sending it in as a tip for Hints from Heloise. It did smell good so I stuck it to my badge which was pinned on my blouse right under my chin. I could smell it and as I focused on the smell, I didn't smell his breath any more.

Then he started humming tunelessly. I put on headphones that we use for training to block the sound and told Susan what was happening. I told her that if I go up on the roof of the building and start shooting to tell the police it was justifiable homicide. We were laughing so hard! (Yes, I could have asked him to stop humming, but it wouldn't have been nearly as funny. It doesn't usually bother me, but it was near the end of the day and I felt tired.)

I've noticed that happening there. Someone has a really irritating habit and I ask the LOA Manager for help and then I move or they do. As I experience fatigue I remind myself that it's resistance to well-being and ask for good feeling thoughts. I'm reminded to relax and that everything is going well.

I prepave the night before saying I will be alert the next day, that this is easy for me, that I am good at this, that God has (insert desire here) ready for me now. I remember Bashar's information that all is here right Now - everything. It isn't created when we desire it, our desire just focuses us on it. Bashar says when they say God is infinite, they're not kidding!

And even if I get angry or upset about something, I ask the Manager for good feeling thoughts and they come. What is happening now is I am feeling so much delicious trust. "I relax, let go and let God's good come to me." What a wonderful feeling. God, the Universe, All That Is seems like a friend and partner to me. Abraham seems like a friend to me. I have an Abraham tape in my machine, have listened to it once, and have been playing parts of it as I feel guided to do so. This morning I was guided and was in tears at how absolutely perfect the section was that was cued up to play.

And coming home from work I was saying good feeling thoughts about appreciation. The earth and sky became absolutely beautiful. We had just had a storm and I was driving into a sky of deep bluish gray clouds. Behind me the sun had come out and was illuminating the lush trees and fields. In Indiana we have fields of mustard that are the most beautiful, deep golden yellow. They shine no matter how cloudy the day and I was driving past them seeing the contrast of the intense, golden yellow, the navy blue clouds and green trees. Could there be anything else? Yes! A huge rainbow stretched over the highway! I saw this all the way home wishing I had my camera with me so I could post it for you. Oh, and I love birds and saw many geese and ducks enjoying the boggy places from the rain as I drove past.

As I drove home I was thinking about how God, Source, All That Is, loves us right here and now, just as we are. When I work to change my thoughts, it's not because I have to please God or anyone else, it's because I want to feel good.

When I found out about Abraham I wanted to feel good, but I was also still in the mindset of wanting things, too. Now, I'm understanding more and more that what I want is to feel good. And the part that goes with that is trusting that what I desire comes to me when I feel good. I don't do this work to change my thinking to get what I want, or not nearly as much now anymore. I'm learning to trust that what I need and want really is provided. It's beginning to become fun to see what each day will bring.

I've been having a day dream that I really love and today had this feeling of the essence of it. Abe says that we get the essence of what we desire and I had that feeling. And that's the thing. In these day dreams that I have, there is indeed a feeling that is the essence. How we feel really is what we want and the most important thing.

Can it really be this easy? Is all I have to do is enjoy life--be happy?!! Yes, I think it is. I do want to do work, but I don't think I have to. I have a desire to take care of myself and be successful at the things that I want to do. Success being that I do things I desire (like write) and publish so others can read it (because I have the desire to offer well-being to others with my words). I really do feel that someone could win a million dollars and live on some little island just enjoying each day. The only one we have to please is ourself.

What you are really wanting to do, as you try to empower yourself, or as you are trying to find that passion, is to just stay focused more of the time on things that make you happy — truly, that is the key!

Abraham-Hicks, workshop 6/7/91
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Bashar - See the post, "Mana"festation or what is reality all about anyway?, on March 19th for a more extended quote. Bashar is channeled by Darryl Anka and Bashar material is copyright Darryl Anka.


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