Sunday, June 18, 2006

Abraham-Hicks: I am wanting joyous communication

"I am wanting joyous communication. I am wanting to speak with those beings that are in harmony with who I am, beings who will uplift me. I am wanting a high level of consciousness, for I understand that there are many frivolous beings, and I am not communicating for fun, so much as I am for knowing."

A New Beginning, Volume 1, Page 130, Abraham-Hicks Publication

I was reading a post about relationships in an excellent blog from a fellow reality creationist (Deliberate Creation) and got to thinking about the topic. It's been very interesting to think about relationships in terms of reality creation. Do I create what others say and do? No. Abe says we attract by our vibration. Do I make them say or do things by my vibration? No. I don't have any control over anyone else or any thing, all I have control over is my thoughts and therefore what I feel. So, how do relationships work?

I have a Masters in clinical social work, so my training and personal bias was to tune up to clients and people in my life and support the love that they are so that they would feel better. In some ways that worked for me and in some ways it didn't. Sometimes I tuned into them by hiding my own light because I could tell they didn't like it -- especially with family. Abe specifically talks about that, but I don't have the quote. The essence of it is that when we feel good and they don't, they can't reach our energy and it's irritating to them. But we can take a stand for them in our minds and hearts knowing they are powerful beings of love and that it will be better. They will draw to them people that are in their vibrational range that they can relate to. So, we never have to join them in whatever pit they are in -- jealousy, anger, feeling unworthy.

My understanding now is it's all about feeling good, so if I don't feel good in an interaction with someone, it is my own thinking that is causing the feeling. One thing I'm noticing is that I'm going through a period of time where I feel a little cold emotionally. I don't feel responsible for others thoughts or actions. I don't feel that people need to be fixed. If they don't like what I say or do, I feel some discomfort, but I look at what I said and adjust my behavior if needed. If I feel any discomfort from their facial expression or comments, I work my thinking into a better feeling place. I feel calmer about being who I am no matter where I am with no need to prove or disprove myself. I'm choosing to sit next to and be around people that I really feel drawn to, even if others are indicating they want me to be around them or talk to them. I'm not rude, just choosing. (I work in a place where there are 1,000 to 1,500 people working on multiple changing projects, so there is a lot of interaction at work and breaks.) Whatever I'm wearing is ok. However I look is ok. I'm me. It's a pretty comfortable place to be and right now I'm just observing how this works for me.

I used to do a lot of work in relationships. That was my training -- communication with others. So, when I felt bad about something in a relationship, I did a lot of work to feel better, but would have to work and work because I was always feeling aggravated or irritated or something in relation to someone at some time. (grin) I never did find that peace that I wanted until I found Abe's reality creation information.

So, now it's an interesting thing to just feel good and observe how that works in every area of my life.

I meant to just post the Abe quotes, but started writing my own comments. I just looked at the title I put on in the beginning. What a lovely desire that would be, to want joyous communication. There always did seem so much diversity before and I didn't feel I had control over it. What a thought it is to think that I could attract so much joyous communication that that would be my experience of others. As I write this the thought comes to me that I would be experiencing joyous communication with my self and that is what would be reflected back to me in my interaction with others.

I'm experiencing so much change in my thinking and my life right now, with relationships, I feel like I'm floating and just observing at this point. Just enjoying the lovely folks that come my way. And I'm intrigued by the possibility of so much more.
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