Saturday, June 17, 2006

Abraham-Hicks: You have no responsibility to struggle

You have no responsibility to struggle. None whatsoever. Now, there are many who would say, "Well, Abraham, we sure hope everybody doesn't listen to you because there are a lot of people that do a lot of things that make our society go that do them out of commitment rather than out of joyous impulse." And we say, well, that's unfortunate -­ it would be wonderful if everything you were doing, you were doing out of joyful impulse. And you say, "But what if everybody woke up tomorrow and just said, 'From now on I'm not gonna do anything I don't feel like doing'?" And we say the world would be a much better place -­ because more of you would be connected to Source energy, angst would be gone, you would be nicer to each other, you would be locked on to your signal, all of the things you've been asking for the Universe would now find a way to deliver them to you.

If tomorrow everybody could focus upon what makes them lock on to the signal, everything that they have ever wanted would flow to them without any justification.

And now we say to you the most important part of that: not one other has to figure that out in order for you to begin your thriving. Just you.

Abraham-Hicks, Boulder, CO, 6/2/01
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