Monday, June 19, 2006

How can we have an easier experience?


Why is it so hard to accept what we do want? Or to let it in? That's what I'm struggling with lately. As if I'm not good enough or I don't deserve my desire. Crazy I know. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Have a great day!



Hi there!

You are a very powerful, deliberate creator who draws the answers you are seeking and the things and experiences you desire to you. When you read it in a book that you are drawn to, you are more likely to realize that you are sourcing that information because you have asked. I just want to make sure that, even though you and I are communicating, that you realize you are sourcing this information now from me, too. Because you have asked, the Universe is sending you the information in many, many delightful ways. I appreciate being one of them! When I saw your question, I asked the Universe what it would like me to say and I will just go with the thoughts that come to me. I really love talking about creating with you and appreciate that you and I have this opportunity to share and discuss this information.

It's my belief that allowing what we desire is the easiest thing we could do because it is natural to us, it is the way the Universe works. It's just that we've picked up beliefs and perceptions from others and our own experience that disallow. Sometimes we've had these beliefs so long that we aren't even aware of the words anymore. It may be so automatic that we just have a feeling and act on it without realizing it.

I hope you realize how powerful your story of finding the $10 bill is. Abraham says it's as easy to create a castle as it is a button, it just depends on our focus. If you're missing a button and your pants are about to fall down, a castle wouldn't do you much good. So, the amount of money you created isn't the issue, it's that you asked and it was given and you accepted it! I think allowing is exactly as easy as that.

Another piece of advice Abraham has is to realize that we never get it done. We always have desires, we can't help it. Our desires are always being brought to us by the Law of Attraction manager, that's how the Universe works. And we are always learning how to allow. And the reason we are always learning to allow is that when we see contrast and have a desire, we are in vibrational alignment with that contrast. Either a little or a lot, we are in vibration with what we don't want. That's why it is contrast to us. So, our work is to find our way to feeling well-being. When we find that good feeling, the Universe zips what we desire to us. You find a $10 bill on the sidewalk!

In other words, if you are feeling that you aren't doing it right, that's not the truth. You will always have new desires. You are always going to be learning and expanding your awareness.

It's my experience that it's never about what I think I want. What's actually happening is that my desire is about finding my connection to my Inner Being, to well-being. Abe says the only reason we want anything is because we think we will feel good in having it. Well, the reason we feel good is that we are letting ourselves feel connected. We can go straight to feeling good by working on our thinking.

The other element I needed was trust that all I had to do was to do the work to feel good. Trust that I don't even need to worry about what comes to me, that this blazingly loving Universe not only brings me what I need, but things I hadn't thought of that delight me.

My suggestion to you, is to seek ways of feeling good. Abraham has a lot of processes to work your way into a good feeling. Some work for some people, some work for others.

I use a variation of the placemat process a lot. Connee Chandler has a website with very good information on Abraham's processes. whatanicewebsite, Abraham-Hicks Lessons.

I channel for my blog and I also channel for myself.

I ask my Inner Being, "ok, what would you think in this situation?" I've had some amazing experiences with this and, as a matter of fact, used it today.

Something quick is to say "I want to feel good."

I use a technique you wrote about and say "stop it" when there are repetitive unpleasant thoughts. For me, it works best to follow up with positive thoughts. Whatever negative I've been thinking, I choose thoughts that feel better. Or I might ask the Manager for good feeling thoughts about whatever was bugging me and they come to me.

17 seconds of Abraham by Sun Angel. A continuous cycle of Abraham quotes that are on screen for 17 seconds, then replaced.

Abe Quotes. I made this web site my home page.

I call Unity Prayer line. They are very positive and Abish in many of their beliefs. You can just give your first name, there's no pressure. They will send a letter of prayer support if you wish, and in any event, they will pray for 30 days. I called them this evening when I got home because of a voice mail I had. They seem to always say just the right thing. Unity is 1-800-669-7729.

Abraham is working with you. Your guides and teachers are working with you. Your Inner Being is working with you. You have angels that watch over you. All of them are just waiting for you to ask. There is only Love and it is everywhere present, so it is at work whether you ask or not, but asking is a way of allowing. You don't have to do it. You don't have to ask. You ask by your vibration and the Universe answers you. What Abraham is talking about is being a deliberate creator, one who enjoys learning how it works and playing with the ideas and interaction with co-creating.

You are a powerful being that is focused in this body. That's all. Focused. And it is in reaching for the thought that feels good that you align with your own Self. It is the only truth.

My view has become that all of the things in this world are opportunities for us to feel good. When we see something we call contrast and do the work to feel good, we realize we are free. It is kind of like exercise in floating our cork. Once we realize that we are in control of what we think and feel, we don't have to have anything or any one to feel good. Then we are free to really enjoy what comes to us. I hope the bagel you bought with the money you found tasted especially delicious! I love that story.

About struggling: I do that and was thinking about it the other day. It's like wrestling with a shadow. It seemed to me that what was happening was that I was struggling with my own thoughts. It seemed to be something outside of me, but it wasn't. And thinking something positive about the situation and doing some work got me to a better feeling place.

Be easy with yourself. When I first found Abraham I jumped in with all four feet. It was exactly the information I wanted and I was ready to change my whole life. Intense desire meets intense resistance of old beliefs! I love where I'm at now and looking forward to more, but boy, I was on a roller coaster ride emotionally for awhile because I tried to do so much at one time. Abraham says it's easier to take it in stages. That way you can have successes early which help you feel better and accept the information more easily. The speed is your choice about whatever feels best to you. You are so young and doing so well with this information. I am almost twice your age and just found it a couple of years ago. All I can say is "Good for you!"

I'm like you, I blog because it makes me feel good. I like thinking about these ideas and coming to new understanding. I love feeling in control of my experience. I love feeling connected to my Inner Being and Source Energy. I'm enjoying walking with you awhile on our paths of being co-creators. I wish you well and see such good things for you.


At Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 10:25:00 AM EDT, Blogger i_heart_80s said...

I think you are right. I am sourcing you. I'm asking for you to come into my life. I also got an email yesterday regarding a deliberate creation group here in Chicago. Right when I need help you and this group come to my aid. I don't think that is a coincidence. Thank you so much for answering my question. You seem to say things in a way that just makes me feel better and understand. I tried asking the Law of Attraction Manager to bring me good things and good thoughts and it really worked. What turned out to be the worst mood ever yesterday turned into a great mood. And all I had to do was ask! I hope to be able to do this with all aspects of my life! I appreciate you so much. Thank you.

At Wednesday, June 21, 2006 at 9:29:00 AM EDT, Blogger i_heart_80s said...

I've also started some of the lessons you mentioned and they really seem to work! I'm so excited to see what comes into my life by just doing these simple exercises.

At Wednesday, June 21, 2006 at 6:51:00 PM EDT, Blogger Suzanne said...

Hi there!

I'm packing to move so I'm not sure when I'll be answering more in depth. Just wanted to say that I sense a similar vibration with you and it's no wonder Law of Attraction got us talking. I looked at your blog quickly the other day and there was another mirroring we have that is very interesting. I'll email you about it.

It's a very powerful thing to realize you can change your mood by changing your thinking. We realize we are truly free when it happens.

Lots of fun work for all of us to do together! I'm looking forward to more delightful times.

Wishing you a beauty of a day.


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