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Abraham-Hicks: Coaching a guest on taking the emotional journey

Here's my understanding of deliberate creating at this point: We are pure love, that is our nature. There is only Love. That's all there is. When we ask, this Loving Source gives immediately, and we receive our desire when we allow ourselves to be the love that we are. Therefore, when Abe says to take the emotional journey, they are asking us to make choices that feel good. The choice can be choosing thoughts that feel better or taking action that feels better. The point is that the better we feel, the more we are allowing ourselves to be aware of who we truly are. The whole point is not the thought or the action or to get something we desire, it is to remember who we are. We are truly free when we realize that all we need is who we already are.

There are many channeled beings and authors who talk about deliberate creation. Whatever feels good is the one to read and study, not because they know more than you or I do, but because they are giving information in a way that helps us remember who we are. I have studied metaphysical, spiritual and psychological concepts for over 40 years. I'm sure all of those experiences and the information I found brought me to this place. But Abraham's information was exactly what I was looking for: that key information on the connection between our thoughts and feelings and practical advice on how to be in control of my thoughts, and therefore, my feelings. The thoughts are not important in and of themselves, how we feel is all that is important. The more I realize and live that, the freer I feel.

All we really need to do is love ourselves and all else will follow.

The following is a long quote by Abraham that has such good information in it about the emotional journey:

Guest: ...I also get the power I have to create which manifests in a way that even scares me and I'm aware that I pull back.

Abe: Because?

Guest: That's a good question. It occurs to me...

Abe: All of our questions are good questions.

Guest: .....I don't have the answer to. I don't think. Maybe I don't deserve. I really don't know exactly where it comes from.

Abe: Let us put it to you this way. We think you are misspeaking really. It's not possible for something to come to you before you are vibrationally ready for it. So, we think that what's happening is you don't want to get too far ahead of what those around you are understanding. That you are a teacher and you want to live what you are teaching, but when someone says, it scares me. It's happening so fast it scares me. We say that can't be true, because if you were really frightened it wouldn't be happening. In other words, there's too much vibrational discord in that. So, what you must mean is it's going faster than I knew it would. Or, I'm better aligned than I knew I was or I don't know where it's headed, but I must be ready for it or it wouldn't be moving in this direction.

Guest: I'll get a feeling like I'm sitting here and my heart is beating. It occurs like it's fear. And I'll be in a great situation and something and really present to what's going on and something small will happen and then it's like I get my heart in my throat thing and something comes out of my mouth and when it does it occurs to me that it comes from a very small person inside of me.

Abe: Well, one thing, we can feel many things about your vibration, but let us just give you some things we think it is important for you to remember and begin practicing so that you not only remember it from time to, but really know it. You are a powerful creator. And you are accustomed to things going well for you.

Abe: You summon quite a bit of energy, more than many people that you would know, and you focus it into your future experience so that the momentum of your life experience is moving along at a nice clip. So what that means is when you are in sync with that energy you feel the ease of it and when you are not in sync with it you feel the discord of it. For example, when you are in an airplane at 50,000 feet moving five or six hundred miles an hour and when you look out the window and you see the landscape just gently going by down there everything feels like it is in perfect order. But if you were to put the aircraft on the ground at that speed it would not feel comfortable. So, what we are getting at is, when you are up to speed with the energy that you have summoned, then it feels like the next logical step. Nothing feels like it is getting away from you....
...when you are asking for the energy and the energy is moving through you and then for whatever reason you focus pointedly on something that is in opposition to the energy.

Guest: Overwhelmed.
Abe: The remedy for that if you are wanting a smoother flow through all of this is make a decision today that you are going to start letting the way you want to feel be your guiding factor rather than the things that you are going to think about.
Abe: ....feel the difference between picking a subject and then trying to focus upon the subject in a way that feels good and instead focusing upon the subject, I want to feel good, and then letting anything that vibrationally matches that come to us. So when you focus upon the way you want to feel then not only do beautiful chandeliers come to you if they are a vibrational match to where you are, but beautiful people and beautiful cars and other words things that are the vibrational essence to that begin to come. You have a broader spectrum from which to choose and you can hold yourself more in vibrational alignment because it is the feeling tone that you've set that is bringing the information rather than trying to sift out into a subject and make the subject fit the way you want to feel. ....It comes along in the same way of saying, if you try to think the thought which will have a corresponding feeling sometimes it can be more cumbersome than identifying the way you want to feel and finding a way of feeling that way which will automatically bring other things that feel like that to you. It's what we call creating from the inside-out. other words, creating from the feeling place of expecting well-being so well-being in all manner shows up and surprises and delights me, but it's always well-being.

[Abe goes on at length and very well about allowing and how this works with the Universe. Really worth listening to again. Also walks her from discouragement about eating.]

Abe: But we are happy to visit with you about this because we are coaching you on taking an emotional journey and you are not equipped to take an emotional journey because you like everybody else or nearly everybody else would rather take an action based journey. Almost everybody would rather jump into action and try to make something happen with action than line up your energy. But when you jump into action without lining up your energy what happens? You go to the spa, you make all that effort they said to do and you don't get any results. You've got to shift the energy first you see. And we know it's hard to shift the energy. We know it's hard to make it an emotional journey when you're so used to it being an action journey. But we promise you that you can if you will keep trying. If you don't want to do anger, maybe you can jump over it. Try to jump all the way to frustration if you don't want to do anger. Try it, maybe you'll make it.

Guest: Ok, where I'm wanting to do with this is the possibility of loving myself where I am.

Abe: It's too big a jump. You're way far from there. In other words, it's too big of a jump. We think you should love yourself as you are. We think you should love yourself as we love you. If you felt about you the way we feel about you, anything that you want would happen immediately. There would be no waiting for anything. You would never get an old stale desire. Every desire would remain fresh because it would only be a brief moment before it would manifest fully. You would never have something that you were wanting for a long period of time.

Abe: ...If you have this standard of something that you want and you have not yet managed to achieve that standard and you are so aware that you are not where you want to be and that's the dominant drum that you are beating then you have to find a way to soften that, you see. And that's what this whole process is about. It's about...sometimes people will say, well I don't understand why you feel bad. And we say, they don't understand. They have not walked around with you. They have not launched the rockets of desires with you. Nobody else knows. Every emotion that everyone feels is about this range between the idea of your desire and the idea that you offer consistently about the desire. And when those two vibrations are in alignment then you are at one with you and there is no resistance within you and all things are unfolding to accommodate this single, pure idea. But when you want something that you don't believe, when you want something that isn't, when you want something but you are taking score about what is, now there is a vibrational discord that will not let it in. So the emotional journey is about soothing that vibrational discord regardless of what the physical right now experience is. And when you soothe that vibrational discord now there is nothing standing in the way and now effortless you get the results that you want.

Abraham-Hicks, Chicago, IL, 5/22/04, Tape 3, Side A and B.

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