Saturday, June 24, 2006

17 Seconds of Abraham

Because you have come to rely on only your five physical senses, most do not understand that everything is about vibration. The vibration that you interpret as vision, the vibration that you interpret as sound, or the vibrations that you interpret as smell or taste or touch, these are all vibrations that you have learned to translate through your five physical senses. But there are other vibrations that you cannot decipher through those senses. And so, you must use another sense. Some call it your sixth sense; we are calling it your emotional center, that feeling that you get in your solar plexus. Those emotions that you feel are also interpreters of vibration.


Your Inner Being is always guiding you toward what you are wanting. It is never protecting you from something else.


Now, how is it that you achieve vibrational harmony with something? Well, you observe it, you contemplate it, you chew on it, you talk about it, you think about, you muse about it, you consider it, you remember it, you stew over it. In other words, by giving your attention to something, if you spend any amount of time in your observation of it, you, within a few seconds, usually 14 or 15 or 16 seconds, begin to achieve vibrational harmony with your object of attention, and once that has been achieved, it is yours.


In the same way that there is not an instant wanted thing manifesting in your experience, there is not instant unwanted thing happening in your experience. It takes some adapting to vibrations. If you've managed to hold anything, wanted or unwanted, for 17 seconds -- there is a coalescing of thought that takes you a little closer to the vibration of whatever you are turning your attention to. Those 17 second increments, are not discernable. And that's why, when you get into that place, it feels like instant manifestation. Just like when you get into that negative place, it feels like instant manifestation. It's like, "Where did that come from? Seemed like it just sort of snuck up on me," instead of snuck up over a long time.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop recording 12/1/01

The only thing that makes the difference in the way you feel right now is the thought that you are thinking right now. It doesn't matter how much money you've got; there are joyful people with no money, and there are unhappy people with lots of money. How you feel is about how you are allowing the Source that is You to flow. So when we talk about the Art of Allowing, we're talking about the art of living; about the art of thriving; about the art of clarity. We're talking about the art of being who you really are.

Abraham-Hicks, 7/20/02

No one can deny you anything. Only you do it through your own contradiction in your own desire. Nothing outside of you is keeping you from what you want. Only your own contradiction within your own vibration.


Recognize that you have only to state, "I want a new red car," and leave it at that -- not setting forth your counter-creation, your contradictory-creation, your destructive-creation, your anti-creation or your un-creation.Offer only those thoughts and words that are in the direction of what you want.

Abraham-Hicks, From the book: A New Beginning I

You can take your next breath of desire and step into your next place of allowing, and all that you ever had, and ten times more, can be in your experience immediately -- when you accept that you are the asker and the receiver, and the letter-in of all of that.


In appreciating yourself, you vibrate in harmony with your Core Energy, and when you vibrate in harmony with your Core Energy, you allow that which you are to this physical time and place.


Relax into your natural Well-being. All is well. (Really it is!) The essence of all that you appreciate is constantly flowing into your reality. As you find more things to appreciate, your state of appreciation opens more avenues to more to feel appreciation for. (As you think you vibrate. As you vibrate you attract.)


'Know thyself!' and trust that knowledge. If you find a negative subject, you should talk about it until you feel better, rather than just blow the subject off. The idea is that the subject gains momentum as of the last place you left it. Well-being is your natural state.


Creation isn't forcing or commanding something into existence. It's more of a rolling over, a good stretch, blissing out, lying on the grass watching the flowers blowing in the breeze or the clouds floating by.


Our strongest wanting for you is that you lighten up. In other words, spend more time looking for things to laugh about and play with. Play your way through this. It really is the key. When you follow your bliss ~ it is always an easy journey.

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I love this post. I printed it out so I can read it whenever I want. It's so inspiring and makes me in such a good mood! Have a great day Suzanne.


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