Saturday, August 11, 2007

Everything you want flows to you through loving who you are

I want to share part of a message I received last night from my friends in spirit:

We do wish to speak to you about many things that are manifesting in your life right now for you always have manifestation. Always. Always. When your thinking is the same you don't notice this because what you create appears to be the same. But now your thinking has changed and so it appears to you that new things are coming into your life....

The most powerful part of the message is that for each one of us changing how we think about ourself changes our world. The same "things" could be happening -- dating, marriage, jobs, travel, friends -- but the difference is in how we think -- and it follows that how we think comes from how we think about ourself.

That last sentence was a mouthful so I'll say it in other ways. All we have to do is love ourselves and our thinking will come into alignment with our desires. From this all we desire will flow to us -- it must, that is how the law of attraction works. And because we love ourself we will experience what comes into our life in a joyful way. Think of how you feel when you are falling in love with someone -- everything you see is wonderful. That's what feeling good is -- loving ourselves. That's who we really are -- we are love in expression.

How we view ourselves grows our experience of life. We are the fertile ground that supports the lush forests and gardens of our life. And it is this experience of being so creative, so rich in expression, and so powerful in feeling and allowing the life force within us that makes our reality seem so different to us.

Fall in love with yourself. Treat yourself to something you really want. Take yourself to someplace you've always wanted to go. Fall deliriously in love with how wonderful you are. Love yourself and let your beauty shine into life through your desires and your creativity and giving of who you are. We need you!



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