Saturday, March 03, 2007

Abraham-Hicks: Focused in this moment in time

All of you are Non-physical as well as physical. In other words, your physical body has sprung forth from a physical place, and certainly you are focused within a physical place. But, the Life Force the current or Energy that streams into you that Life Force comes forth from Non-physical, and all of you are receiving it. And so, you are the embodiment of Non-physical.

Abraham-Hicks, 8/22/92

New desire is what summons the Source and carries what is now into the future experience. But the thing that's tricky about the future experience is that the future never gets here, because the moment that it approaches -- it becomes now. Tomorrow never comes because when it gets here, it's today.

Abraham-Hicks, 10/2/04

Metabolism is vibrational response to your moment in time. Metabolism is the way the Energy is moving through your body. And so, everything is in response to the way you feel, everything is. Everything is mind over matter. Every disease is mental first. Everything is about thought. Everything is about vibration. Everything is about the way you feel. Practice scenarios that feel good and never mind reality. Reality is only a brief moment in time that you keep repeating.

Abraham-Hicks, 5/11/02

Your vibration doesn't have to be strong, it just has to be pure. You don't have to think about something over and over again. You just have to think about it purely. You just have to not contradict it with your own vibration.


So there is an important distinction about what you are calling aging and what we are hearing as declining. Because you cannot stay young, you must move through time. But you can stay in your prime by controlling the direction of your thoughts. In other words, you do not have to decline.

Abraham-Hicks, Asheville 10/22/06

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