Saturday, March 03, 2007

Our understanding is always expanding and so is All That Is

There is only Law of Attraction. And so it is your asking that is bringing forth the answers, but it is desire on the part of all of us. It's like, as you stand in your physical shoes and you imagine a happy future, you literally give birth to the idea that calls you to it. And so in like manner we from our nonphysical have given birth to the idea of you, which is now vibrationally calling us back forth. And in the way we would really like you to hear this, there can be no separation really between the physical you and the nonphysical you. You are the physical you and Abraham is the nonphysical you and we are all so integrated together. But it is your leading edge experience that is producing the leading edge question.

We're expanding with you. And knowing as we go. And we would call it learning as well. That which you call God is never complete, but is ever expanding.

Abraham-Hicks, Albuquerque, NM 9-02-02

Here is my view: I think a more complete understanding is intuitive, but we use words to communicate. And these words are some approximation of the understanding we would have intuitively. So, it's worth keeping in mind that we choose all of these thoughts, even the ones that seem like the "truth." There are lots of folks exploring the Law of Attraction and using words for finding the way that it works for them. When we take on any thought as our current understanding of the "truth," even words spoken by Abraham, it's important to realize that we chose it. And because we chose it, we can change it.

The truth is within each one of us and we are the only one that can know what that is. And we are ever changing and All That Is is ever changing, too.

There is more understanding and more truth beyond the leading edge concepts and ideas we have today. Who knows what we will come to understand in a week, a year, or 20 years! These ideas of reality creation are not the end, they are a beginning.

Life. What an adventure!


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