Saturday, March 03, 2007

Having fun with the Law of Attraction

I wanted LOA to work for me in an easy-going way and I'm really enjoying the fulfillment of this desire. Yesterday I had another desire fulfilled -- my heating is working as it should now. This is something I've had them working on since last fall. The repairman, Dave, is very knowledgeable, but I could see he was frustrated. He replaced parts and made adjustments. The last time he was in he said he had done everything he knew to do. I finally let go of it completely and since the apartments are well built, about two weeks ago I just shut the heat off. I felt frustrated about it, too, so I had to let go of thinking Dave was separate from me and that I had to depend on him to fix it correctly. I thought about my experiences with oneness and opened to see Dave and the heater as the love that is me and everything else. I asked that love to fix it. I let it go.

I thought about it casually a few times and could feel that it wasn't ready and then yesterday I could feel it getting closer until I came to a time when it was ready! I wrote a note to the apartment manager and went down to talk to him. He was upset with me that I hadn't kept pressing about it, because he wants to make sure everyone is happy with their apartment, but I did it when the time was right. Dave came up in the afternoon and it's fixed now. He took the heater completely apart. It took him three hours, but he found out what was wrong. He said it was the gas valve and it looked fine when it was first on, but he just kept cycling it through and it would finally start acting up.

I just looked out the window and it's snowing big fluffy flakes like someone is shaking a bag of feathers. How beautiful. And the heat I have today feels good, too!

I had another playful example of LOA yesterday. I love mystery books, but more and more have been wanting gentle mysteries. I was in the library walking toward the books just kind of mulling over what I wanted. I concluded that I like figuring out the puzzle of a mystery. I got to the new book shelves and looked. Not that one. Not that one. A bright yellow cover of a book on display caught my eye. I opened it and read the first sentence. This was it. I took it to the front desk to checkout and the woman said she hadn't seen this one and it looked interesting. I told her that I liked gentler mysteries and she did, too. She gave me the name of five other writers that she liked. I was happy to get the names -- lots of good books to read! When I thanked her she looked pleased and surprised and said that was the first time she had helped anyone. Now, she works at the circulation desk so she helps people all the time, but something about the experience was new to her. I suggested that they might post a list of recommendations in a theme for the month like she had given to me, or even put it in their newsletter and she was excited about the idea. I thought how many desires were met in that moment: mine for new books to read, hers to help others, a newsletter editor that might want ideas for a new feature, or a manager wanting ways to draw more people into reading books, and patrons looking for something good to read who might be guided to a whole new genre by the recommendations. Friends tell friends about them. Oh, and authors who are wanting to be read and appreciated! Publishers who want to sell books. I can see how this just goes on and on and how all the desires go out and connect and interconnect.

LOA brought me the answer to my desire for the new book within a minute in the time it took for me to walk over to the new book rack. I didn't realize until I got home that it was even more of a match than I realized. My thought had been that I liked the puzzle in the mystery and the title of the book is You have the right to remain puzzled by Parnell Hall. It's a series about a woman who writes crossword puzzles and solves mysteries. The Universe is very playful and I love that sense of fun in creation.

Picture me in a hammock on a beautiful beach. The water is clear and blue, the waves shush gently on the shore. Shore birds hunt industriously for their dinner and their cries can be heard with the sounds of the waves. The sun is gently warm. A sexy, thoughtful, helpful guy is delivering me something delicious to drink and asks if there's anything else I want. It's a perfect day. That's me and the Law of Attraction. It's easy. It's loving. And it's so much fun.


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