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Abraham-Hicks: The power of the way we flow energy

...Most of you have a very difficult time understanding the power of the way you flow energy so we are going to give you a sort of rough sketchy but very valid picture of how this works.

Have you ever played with an electrical train set, where there were lots of components to it? As you pushed your switches it sent an electrical current through the tracks which allowed the train to run. As you flipped your switches, the current would go from track to track. so that the train would follow the direction of your guidance.

This is similar ….it is rough and sketchy…… but as you flow your energy towards something you literally send energy to the tracks upon which circumstances and events will run in order to help you achieve your outcome.

The other night Esther's luggage had not arrived and she was lying in her bed stewing!! For a little while she was offering blame to the airline. They had only allowed a 45 minute connection in Newark, to transfer from one airline to another airline, and the airlines were not even in the same terminal building. So Jerry and Esther barely made it running from one plane to the other, and their baggage did not make it. When AirCanada did not have their baggage and they looked at their ticket they said, "Well there was not enough time for this baggage to be transferred. We need at least 1hour and 15 minutes to do that"

So now Esther is feeling blame towards the booking agent for not knowing that. She is blaming the airline, she is blaming the booking agent, she is blaming the people for not being efficient.

But what is really happening is, in all Esther's blaming, she has got her circuits turned to a place where nothing is aligned. So if you were watching an aerial view, you would see one truck arrive with Jerry and Esther's baggage just as the truck that needed it was leaving. You would see one man coming to look for the baggage tags and leaving right out the door just as the luggage came back into the room!!! In other words millions of near misses happening because Esther was flowing her energy in a way that was not aligning circumstances and events.

In the moment that Esther started feeling appreciation for all of those people that were out there in the middle of the night working to find ……. It was like all of the energy went back into sequence, and instead of near misses, now things were starting to fall into place. A person received a call who had just seen the bags. And he was able to call and stop the …….you see what we are getting at?

The entire Universe is responding to you based upon the way you are flowing your energy. And NOTHING is affecting your experience other than the way you are spewing your energy. It is not someone else, it is not outside circumstances, it is nothing but the way you are flowing your energy.

Abraham-Hicks, 7/24/93

I had an experience of this yesterday. I have an online course to take and felt some mild doubt and resistance. I was delaying it by trying to register online for something else, but wasn't really enthused about the new software they were using for the registration. I couldn't get it to work at all. I was surprised at the level of frustration that had built up by this time and recognized why I felt it so I worked on the feelings a bit and decided to drive to the office where they could help me register. The woman there was very nice and it turned out it was much better that I had gone in person. Some of the questions I had to answer were cryptic and I would not have made the correct choices. I left in a great mood feeling I had accomplished something that I really wanted. As I drove home I was looking at the snow still left on the ground, sparkling white in the clear, cold air. Really enjoying the moment.

The way home is past the cemetery where my mother and some other relatives are buried. I rarely even pay attention to it, but felt an impulse and turned in to say hello. I couldn't find her grave at first, but ended up driving by the headstone of a friend I had gone to school with. He had died in Vietnam and I didn't know he was buried there even though his stone was very close to the road and I must have driven past it several times before. I was so drawn to his stone and ended up going past it again after I found my mother's site. I could feel that he was the purpose of my visit. Even though it was cold, I had my window down and could hear the wind rustling the trees, the sounds of birds, and slushy snow and water sounds from my car tires. Graveyards are so peaceful to me and I've often appreciated how the earth has a chance to rest and be at peace in these places. He died in 1968 and they just had the year of his birth and death listed, not the month and day, but I was wondering if he was born or died on this date and that's why I had been drawn to be there. Someone in my class will know so I'm going to find out. I stopped where I could see his stone and spent some time listening to nature, experiencing the peacefulness, and thinking about him and appreciating him in my life. I used to live near Washington, DC and visited the Vietnam Memorial -- a powerful place. A volunteer showed me where his name was on the wall and I honored him then. And today was another experience. I'm not sure why I have been drawn to such a connection with him, but today it was part of the increasing joy I felt and was a very loving and Now experience. There was a timelessness when I was appreciating him and the peacefulness of the cemetery that was so different from the ordinary busyness of the day.

When I left I drove by a thrift store a block from the cemetery and just pulled in on a whim. They are open irregularly and I don't know their hours, but I had about 20 minutes before they closed. They were having a sale -- 50% off everything in the store. I've had the desire to do crafts and they had some small bead, needlework, and wire craft kits that I got for 25 cents each. I've been using paper towel to rest my cooking spoons on and bought an attractive, odd-shaped little dish with rose buds on it to use for a spoon rest. A little over $2 for everything, but the experience was part of the increasing feeling of well-being.

Throughout the day I'd had an increasing feeling of connection, companionship, love, and joy and that is what makes this so special to me. What is accomplished or what happens isn't the focus, it's that feeling that I desire and the experience comes out of it. It is like the feeling and the experiences are one and the same. I don't think I would even say the experience was a reflection of the feeling. It's more like it is an expression of the feeling, like the experience extruded from the feeling. I think that's why it felt like Oneness, because what I was doing felt like part of the love I was feeling.

The feeling I had was loving the Presence that I was aware of and being loved back. And through the afternoon I worked up into a feeling of adoration for that Holy Presence.

As a counselor I had been taught that children need dolls, teddy bears, or blankets because they need something to love. It is that feeling of loving that nourishes them. And I love the feeling of being loved, but also it's a time when I can just love that Holy Presence with no restrictions. I know I am accepted as I am. I know I am taken care of. I know that Presence is always there for me. I appreciate and am so grateful for all of that. But yesterday especially I could feel how free I felt to just love this Presence -- it was like I was opening to something vast and yet it is filled with awareness and life.

And that Presence is everything I see and every person I see. What ecstasy it must be to really see that as I walk around. To not even see the prickly parts of people or situations, or maybe see them, but love them anyway. To feel that same Oneness I felt yesterday as if every person and thing is an expression of the love that comes through me. I'm crying even to think about it because I know now that it is possible. And if it is possible and I desire it, it will be.

I was in college in the 60's and the loving concepts that were expressed then were ones that I had always felt. I've spent my life since I can remember looking for a way to live in that loving world that I desired and now I see that it is possible!

There's more to be said. More that is possible. We must love ourselves first and then we have that to give to others. And it seems to me now that it is more than just giving it to others, we also experience the joy of seeing that love in every person and experience we meet.

The adventure continues!

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