Thursday, March 01, 2007

Exploring the new world

I'm continuing my exploration of a new world that I have experienced in the last two or three weeks -- it was difficult to finds words for and in my posts I called it an altered state. At first I was getting flashes of it and then a couple of times I have stayed in the experience for several hours. I was at one with everything that is -- one with the physical things I saw and experienced, but also feeling the conscious, aware, and very loving regard of a Presence, a companion that was listening to me and responding to me.

I've had similar feelings and experiences in other ways through intuition, channeling, and psychic experiences. One time I was feeling grumpy about everything and asked my Inner Being, "Ok, how would you think about it?" And I felt a Presence looking through me at the world and experienced this innocent, totally positive joy at the beauty of the dappled, broken concrete of the parking lot I was standing on and I looked up at snow that had started to fall, dazzling white and beautiful in the street light. I drove home in this appreciative daze. And when I write a channeled message there is a an experience of non-physical. When I used to channel with a teacher and mentor I didn't have to type a message or be conscious of my body as much -- I was able to let go into the experience more. But all of the experiences of channeling and intuition are very similar to the altered state of Oneness I am talking about. The energy of non-physical is very real, conscious, incredibly loving, and alive. This energy is who we really are -- the truth of us. The difference for me now is that the experience I've been talking about is of a loving connection with everything in the physical world instead of with me and the non-physical world. It was so much easier to feel it with channeling or non-physical, but with the physical world I was seeing separateness. It's exciting even to think about this experience!

During the times when the experience lasted a few hours, I took action that led to my receiving what I had been asking for. But the purpose wasn't to receive the things or experiences I had desired. I enjoyed this proof that my desires had been heard and given to me, but it was being in that experience of Oneness that I really want. And there, all things are good, how could they not be? It is an experience of oneness with love.

Last week I came to a place where several things were in line to be resolved -- most have been long standing for weeks, months, sometimes for many years -- job, finances, a legal matter, heating in my apartment, health, car...probably others, but that's what comes to mind. It was like a plate of spaghetti to me -- which strand to resolve first so that something else could be dealt with. And although I had been asking for them to be resolved, I wasn't too thrilled about dealing with any of it. The unpleasant feelings weren't very intense, but I've been feeling so good in general that I would rather not feel even small amounts of frustration or worry.

I used the experiences of Oneness I'd had to look at every person and every part of the situations in the spaghetti condition. I realized that the unpleasant feelings came from feeling like I had to be in control somehow and take action to resolve it -- and more importantly, it came from feeling separate from the people and conditions involved. I had to depend on someone else to take action or be competent or to know what was needed and that felt frustrating. Well, the thing is that the only action I have to take is what is necessary on my own behalf. When I saw Oneness in every person and situation (and in some cases it took some doing to let go of "them") then there were certain things for me to take action on right away and certain things to not take any action at all. It's all been playing out very gently in the last few days.

Some things I haven't taken any action on except to forget about it. I've asked the Universe to let me know when it's time to respond. When I first did this I asked myself, "can I really do this?!!" Can I ignore this or that and just trust that I've asked and it's given? Well, I'm willing to let go of it all and trust.

It's really fun and very freeing to do this. As a matter of fact, when I woke up this morning I felt very strange like the sides of the box were gone and I didn't have anything to push against or tell myself I should be taking action about. I felt very free and also kind of odd and different.

I think each time we relax and allow a new level of energy, there is an initial "strangeness" to the experience and then we become comfortable with it. I am so happy to be comfortable with Oneness!! And I'm thrilled to let go of those things that I don't want to deal with, give them to the Law of Attraction Manager, and just wait for the call that it's ready for me.

There is an Abe video on prosperity where Abe is working with a young woman who doesn't want to work in the traditional way, but who wants abundance. Abe asks the questioner what she wants to do. The young woman answers that she just wants to paint and Abe asks if she doesn't want to take walks on the beach and eat dinner with friends. The questioner says that that's just playing. Abe answers that they see the ones who make the most money here play and have fun.

Right now my desire is to live in that experience of loving Oneness. I want to be the one who tastes and enjoys the delicious experiences of life. I want to be the one that actually feels the love that is the energy of a beautiful sunset or the breeze through the trees. I want to be the adventurer who takes the path to see beautiful places. I want to be the appreciator when my desires are given to me. I want to be the one who is thrilled and full of joy of how wonderful that Presence is and how good that love and Oneness feels.

And all this is to say this to you: Your dreams can come true. You are so deserving of any good thing and there is a most loving Universe that is offering it to you. Wherever you are now in this moment, you are receiving desires you have expressed, and more are coming to you...and more...and a bountiful stream given generously and without end. All truly is well.


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