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Abraham-Hicks and the leading edge

Photo: Guggenheim Museum Bilboa, Spain

As physical creatures, you are upon the leading edge of thought. You are here so poignantly, so deliberately, so finely focused in this time and place...that in your very precision of experience, you are taking thought beyond that which it has been.

Abraham-Hicks, 10/4/92

Speaking of being on the leading edge...I recently watched a DVD called Sketches of Frank Gehry about the leading edge architect. I'm fascinated by his creations like the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain shown in this photo above, but I think I was as interested in how he created his life as I was his buildings. An "ordinary man" building extraordinary creations who said he fell into architecture -- who convinced others to believe in him and his designs, to put millions of dollars on the line as well as their reputations for choosing such unconventional designs. And he did it very successfully. One artist made a comment that it made him feel that Frank was setting up an arena where something incredible could occur. And where does he get his ideas? In one scene in the documentary Frank describes how his inspiration comes from anywhere -- like the shadows and forms from the trash in a wastebasket he picked up.

You have been oriented that you must pay a price in order to get somewhere, and in the process, you've come to believe that getting there must be really important, therefore, it must be your purpose. And we say, but if you're not getting to joy, then you've gotten nowhere. Joy is really where you're going.

Abraham-Hicks, 12/13/03

I'm also intrigued by Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad who are sailing their schooner, Anne, in a heart shape in the South Atlantic for 1,000 Days Non-stop at Sea. What strikes me is not only the adventure of their journey, but the beauty of their appreciation of each other and the world they are seeing. From Reid's August 11th post, "We sail on in beautiful weather almost in disbelief that each day and night can be more beautiful than the next. How many times can I see it before I become jaded or maxed out? I would like to believe that I have the ability to keep appreciating and being more and more grateful. The same with Soanya. She is so good and getting better. I have to believe that it's in me to keep treating her right and keep taking care to appreciate her. It's like questioning my ability to do the 1000 day voyage. I have to believe that I have the ability to keep going."

When Madonna was at her height of popularity I attended a personal growth workshop and the trainer asked us who gave Madonna permission to act the way she did on stage? Who told her she could be famous? She had a dream and she believed in it, just like the people I've mentioned above.

As Abraham says -- our true self, our inner self -- believes in our dreams and knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can have them. Only our own thoughts that we can't have it stop us.

And I offer this to you.

You are an expression of love walking the earth. You are adored by life itself. Your dreams are valuable, not only to yourself, but to all of us. You have permission to try, fall flat on your face, and like Thomas Edison, find the 1,000th way not to create a light bulb. You have permission to succeed. You have permission to change your mind. You have permission to dream. You have permission to love yourself just as you are.

We are wanting to awaken within you, your memory of how wonderful you are! How brilliant you are! How good you are! How worthy of whatever you are wanting you are!

Abraham-Hicks, 1/13/91

Nothing is more exhilarating than to dance through life recognizing that the Universe is there to yield to you whatever you want whenever you want it.

Abraham-Hicks, 2/12/94

No matter what it is, if you really want it, and if you get out of the way of it, it will happen. It must be. It is Law. It can be no other way. It's the way this Universe is established. If you want it and you relax, it will happen.

Abraham-Hicks, 9/21/02
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