Monday, March 05, 2007

I am abundance

I just wrote this in a previous post:

As I was waking up this morning I had such a strong feeling of joyful surprise at a thought: "when I am allowing some "thing," I just have to get used to thinking it. " There was an image of money and the feeling of a new perspective that came with the thought.

I've been interested in learning about abundance and discovered Abraham-Hicks when I joined the Prosperity Partnership over three years ago. I'm a treehugger and can visualize having billions of dollars to nurture the earth and animals in a way that is great fun for me.

This thought this morning is letting me know I didn't have a problem thinking about money -- I had a resistance to thinking about money and me.

I've never been one to drool over jewelry or cars. Didn't care about having something because of it's "name" or cost. That's ok, but there was also a reverse prejudice I had against money.

And thinking about the experiences of oneness I've been having -- if abundance is "out there," it's also in me -- it is me.

I can feel the relief of that box of reverse prejudice dissolving. I feel freer. I know I'll be guided to some very good feelings, experiences, and things. This is gonna be interesting!

Sometimes, stuff got activated in your vibration when you were really little, when you were living with somebody else whose activation was very strong, and you didn't even know it got activated until you got old enough that you started watching the manifestational response.

It is our powerful desire that you be pleased with where you are right now, in this matter where you are.


[It is our powerful desire that you be pleased with where you are right now... No wonder there is such power in choosing well-being -- we are aligning with the desire of Source Energy.]

Once you envision something and the Universal forces come into play to help you in the creation of it, there's never again going to be enough action for you to keep up with it. You can't use the Energy that creates worlds to create a situation and then find the action to keep up with it. You have to keep envisioning. You have to keep imagining it better.

Abraham-Hicks, G-10/12/97, Rye, NY

Understanding the Law of Attraction, and more importantly, understanding the way you feel, will give you creative abilities beyond your wildest dreams. There is nothing that you cannot be or do or have; there is nothing that you cannot reach for and achieve---and there is nothing that needs to take a long time to come to you.

Abraham-Hicks, Boca Raton, FL, 12/13/03

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