Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Walking consciously into the reality I create

This was some channeling that I did for myself yesterday, but while it was happening I was thinking that others might like this information and this thought was answered in the message. When I channel I don't always receive just words, sometimes there is also wordless understanding or a bigger picture and I'll add some comments about that after the message:

I am here for you, dear one. Have no doubt whatsoever that all that you ask for is given for it is. There is a blending going on now of all that you have created in Escrow and how you experience your reality. That is why things are coming so much faster. You are walking into and in your creation now. You always have, but now you are doing it consciously. But yes, it is this blending and merging of the non-physical and physical that you are experiencing as speeding things up. Give this information to all that you desire for this is the way it works in creating your reality. It is the merging of the conscious choices that you are becoming aware of where before it seemed like "not you" and "you," but the "you" part stood out as paranormal experiences, gifts from your guides, miracles of spirit. Now you know what you can do! Now you are really beginning to understand what this is all about. Now you can really play and have fun. There is more to the shift as it blends and you acclimatize to it, but all is going very, very well. Just know that all is well. It is yours now and forever more. All is well. We love you with an everlasting love. We are your brothers in spirit and in truth. We are the Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension -- love expressed to you from our hearts to yours.

What they were saying is that at one time I viewed the physical world as "not me." I felt separate from it. And when something happened that I desired and identified as a gift from spirit it stood out and was a paranormal experience or seemed like a miracle.

Now I'm understanding that as I think I create -- so my day is a flow of delightful experiences. Traffic flows smoothly, I have huge clear merge spaces in heavy traffic getting across several lanes, yesterday I had the only open parking space in a crowded lot and on a big city street -- and the spaces were as close to where I was going as could be. Things are flowing into place legally, financially, and in other ways.

All of this flow is delightful because I know that love is everywhere and I experience it no matter where I am. The times when I forget and have thoughts that don't feel good stand out and I work to choose other thoughts. I ask for good feeling thoughts from the manager or whatever technique I'm drawn to.

I do have negative thoughts, but I remind myself that everything is love and I realize that I am feeling separate from myself. It helps me to remind myself that something I am holding myself apart from by negative thinking is really an expression of love. I don't have to choose that thought that didn't feel good. I remind myself that it doesn't matter what I think. It doesn't have to have a thing to do with so called "reality." It just matters that I feel good when I think it. We are creating our reality now by what we think and we can think anything we want!

This channeled information is for all of us and is about "coming into our own." We are loving beings and when we allow ourselves to love who we are, right now, and when we realize the blessing for us and everyone that we create when we have desires, we come into our own reality, our real life -- and our life comes around us like a warm hug.


At Sunday, April 8, 2007 at 10:50:00 AM EDT, Blogger Mousie said...

hi Suzanne, Happy Easter! It always feels good to visit your blogs, very uplifting.
love, mousie

At Sunday, April 8, 2007 at 11:26:00 AM EDT, Blogger huzone said...

Amen Sister! Thanks for visiting my blog and making such kind and uplifting comments. Your presence is appropriate this Easter morning:} Love HU, Stan

At Sunday, April 8, 2007 at 12:00:00 PM EDT, Blogger Suzanne said...

mousie and huzone, thank you for your loving presence. I always feel good visiting with you, too.

Wishing you much love and unexpected moments of delight today and always.



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