Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Loving channeled messages by Yaël at the Circle of Light

It was December of 1986, the Winter Solstice. Doug and I had just married. We sat together to meditate-a practice I had been faithfully doing at that time for fifteen years, a practice that had fed me and sustained me through the death of my son and through the loss of physical mobility to a powerful genetic disease.

Two years earlier I had begun to receive Messages. They began at the time I lost my mobility. I was in great physical and emotional pain and was very seriously considering ending my life. Through this dark night God reached forth with an incredible love and gave me the strength to continue. There was no doubt who it was lifting me and renewing my faith in life. The Messages then were "flashes" of love and of light. I would be wrapped in God's Divine Presence. I would be given an "instant understanding." It was like receiving a "package" that was a totality-all the love and all the information---all at once "dropped" into my head. At that time I recorded these experiences in a form that was like poetry.

Now, on this December day I sat for the first time with Doug, my new husband and the love of my life. Although we had many a rocky road to travel ahead of us, even then we knew we were each other’s destiny. I closed my eyes and touched Doug’s hand. My entire being exploded into Light. A loving, pulsing Light that was alive with movement and luminosity. Dancing golden white particles shone all around me, joining together into a greater and greater Light. The sense of Loving Presence grew, filled my heart and poured through me. My heart caught on fire. There is no other way to describe it. The fire leaped the gap between Doug and me and drew us together into an experience of becoming living flames ourselves, dancing together, "burning" in love and reaching higher and higher.

In the midst of this experience I knew I had to write. I reached for a notebook and pen. As the experience continued I wrote. As I wrote I was aware of being assisted to describe that which is indescribable. Thus these messages began. They have now lovingly, unfailingly guided us through fifteen years of marriage. They have kept us going when we were ready to give up. They have explained ourselves to us. They have revealed to us our destiny. And as we have grown together as a result of God's tender guiding love, we have also grown in our ability to raise ourselves up to meet God at a higher level. In doing so, we have been greatly blessed with the understanding of the information that it is our destiny to share.

Yaël & Doug, Circle of Light

The Circle of Light offers loving meditations and messages from God channeled by Yaël. You can subscribe to the meditations or listen in by phone while they are occurring. Their web site also offers information about soul mates and animal communication.

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John Cali's recent Sentinels of the Sky Newsletter contained a channeled message by Yaël -- response to a message about the physical body by Chief Joseph in an earlier newsletter.

Shanna Mac Lean, a member of The Circle of Light explains:

This is from the weekly Tuesday night meditations. We call it Tuesday Circle. It takes place here in Eureka Springs every Tuesday at Circle of Light. First the group gathering here reads an excerpt from a recent Message from God through Yaël, and then we have guided meditation through Yaël.

When people sign up on our email list to receive the bi-monthly Messages from God on our site, they can check "I would also like to receive transcripts of the Tuesday Circle Meditations" and then they get this each week. They can also telephone in and hear the meditation each week live by phone bridge. The number is 605-772-3300 Pin number 679076. We greet everyone before meditation starts at 8 p.m. (in the USA's central time zone).

Shanna Mac Lean

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