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Abraham-Hicks: Allowing the career you really want

ABRAHAM: ....You're thinking there is a right or wrong action that I might take. And what we're telling you is it's not about a right or wrong action, it's about an allowing or disallowing vibration. So the action doesn't mean anything. We want to break that to you gently. The action is insignificant. It's the way you feel about the action....

It's like we were watching them wanting to help lovable cat. They call her LC for lovable cat. They're wanting to encourage her to go out the new cat door. And Jerry said it's like trying to put toothpaste back into the tube. When she wants to go out she is like a sleek little streak that goes right through it. But if she doesn't want to, she swells up and sticks everything out, there's no way you can force her through that little hole. And that seems to be the way so many of you are going about your creations. It's like you're so sure it's not going to work but you've got to take the action so you're just pushing yourself as hard as you can and getting no results at all.

Inspiration is where you dream it and then the inspiration makes it happen. Motivation is where you hope it or want it and then just try to shove yourself through the cat door from behind....

Certainly the music that flows through you is a talent but you have all kinds of talents. The thing that we think is messing you up is you are trying to call one talent favorable and one talent unfavorable. And what we are wanting you to understand is you are this magnificent perceiver that at any point in time can receive non physical energy to assist you in whatever you are creating.

In other words there is not one more virtuous than the other. You get to choose where the fulfillment is greatest for you. And we think there is part of that unworthiness and self judgment that we were talking about earlier is sort of mixed in with all of this.

We would have to talk long and hard in order to in one sitting convince you that it is alright for you to allow all of this success that your are wanting so much. We are offering it to you vibrationally. We are knowing it from every corner of the universe. There is not one reason that you should ever disallow any of that.

It must be the most joyful and pleasant continuing unfolding. You are not off track. You are not behind schedule. There is not an imbalance here. Nothing is imperfect about this. Everything is unfolding just right. Your desires have not been set aside too long. There is not somebody else that is keeping it from happening to you. It is yours if you want it. We can feel from the vibration of your being that you certainly do want it. There is not a reason for it not to occur.

Whether it occurs now or later doesn't really matter. The process is what it's all about anyway. The opportunity to have the desire and then allow the alignment of energy. The manifestation is going to be great but the energy flowing in the meantime is every bit as delicious you see?

Abraham-Hicks, 4-15-00

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