Monday, April 09, 2007

May You Be Blessed - Virtual Therapy for the Soul

I have something really, really lovely for you today --the May You Be Blessed movie by Mary Novak.

Just Imagine...

what would happen if everyone who views this movie — all the millions who have viewed it thus far, and all those who will view it in the future — if all of us spent just 24 hours blessing everyone and everything in our lives.

That much positive thought energy, wrapped in a blanket of love and sent forth in a genuine attitude of care and appreciation, could radically shift world-wide trends, changing not only what is happening in our world right now, but for decades to come.

There is an incredibly beautiful energy about this movie. As you view it, your appreciation gives to that energy which in turns gives to others that view it.

Be sure to wait after the movie for more information about Mary's vision to create a billion blessings in 1000 days through this movie and the inspiration that follows.

There are so many wonderful expressions of love happening now!

Quote above Copyright 2006 by Kate Nowak. All rights reserved.


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