Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Abraham-Hicks: You don't have to be perfect to begin receiving your desires

You don't have to be pure and perfect to begin to be the recipient of avalanches of evidence of well being. In other words, you just have to tip the scale a little bit in order for you to begin to receive the evidence of it. As you begin to tip the scale, you'll have some, what you will later call, "near-misses": Someone who initially looks pretty good will come in. And by closer scrutiny or exploration, you'll discover, "This isn't quite right," and you'll say, "Oh, Universe! You have foiled me again! (laughter) You have brought to me someone less than I want!"

And we say, Oh! It is just a near-miss! It is evidence that you're getting closer and closer. Don't you notice all of these things that were nearly right? And didn't the parts that weren't right help you to clarify more clearly what it is that you are wanting? And aren't you now sending off clearer signals about what you do want? And as you're reaching for thoughts that feel good, are you not aligning to these yet clearer signals about what you are wanting? And is your future not brighter? Is it not more assured of satisfying you when it comes? And aren't you willing to sort of cool your jets and relax a little bit, and wait for the perfect timing of the unfolding of this?

If you were sculpting clay -- and this is not different from that, except that you are using energy for focus, rather than your hands to focus -- if you were sculpting clay you would not expect to take that big clump of clay and create the perfect thing the first time! And we notice that the fun is in the sculpting. And so, sometimes you'll sculpt, and you'll sculpt, and you'll sculpt, and you'll sculpt . . . and finally it will come to something that you want. And if not you can pick up some more clay. But the thing about this sculpting of your life experience is that the clay never hardens; it stays soft and pliable, so you can keep making it into more and more and more and more and more and more pleasing things, you see.

Abraham-Hicks, Philadelphia, PA, 10/16/2001 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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