Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Reid Stowe: All You Need is Love

With much appreciation for Reid and Soanya, here is Reid Stowe on their amazing journey at sea:

Reid Stowe, 1000 Days Non-Stop at Sea: All You Need is Love, August 25, 2007, Day 125

I take a nice breath of fresh air outside and look around. The deck is wet everywhere from spray and waves coming over. The cockpit is covered in salt and I could feel the salt on my face. We are still beating away to the NNE and the schooner is leaning over steadily plowing through the top of one wave and leaping over another. I've lost track of the days that we have been doing this. I could look on the chart then go back in my journal, perhaps weeks or months in all different directions. But I don't have a habit of doing that. We are headed where we want to go now, so I'll take care of what's happening now. We'll take care of each wave until it reaches the shore. We know we can always do more. On land there may have been a certain boldness that is necessary to go to sea for a long time. Once here, however, the wind and waves erode boldness and inner strength is left and we have to adapt to it because we were not meant to live on the sea or in space even though we have the desire to experience what is out here and find out what we are made of. This is my opportunity to embody more light and love and for people to see me in that way. I hope I can adapt physically to this environment so I can achieve this understanding of love and light on the sea and reflect it on humanity. This is not just an adventure story. The nature of what we are doing brings other human experiences to the forefront. How could we go on if we didn't love it? It's the love that wells up and sustains me when I'm tired and doubtful. It's the love that I heal myself with. It's love that I give Soanya as much as I can so that we can do this together as a man and a woman experiencing each other. Our ability to go on will have a lot to do with how we live in love.


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