Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Abraham-Hicks: It's all about how you feel when you eat it

Guest: I'd like to know what to do when relief looks like too many chocolate chip cookies or too many games on the computer? Or, for some, pain pills or alcohol?

Abraham: If it keeps looking like relief, then you must be continuing to turn back the other way. We can see it looking like relief once or twice, but if it keeps happening, it means that it's relief, then you find an upstream thought, then it's relief, then you find an upstream thought.

But what's wrong with the chocolate chip cookies anyway?

Guest: Too many of them tends...

Abraham: But what causes you to call them "too many of them?"

You say, "I want to be slender, but I believe the cookie is the opposite of that." So I want this but I am doing that, so how does it really feel when I'm eating the cookie?

Now stay with this, you're really gonna like it.

So if I am reaching for the relief of aligning with my physical intention, then it would feel better for me to let the cookie go as long as I believe the cookie is in opposition to where I want to go. But often that is not the subject on the table. The subject on the table is "I'm frustrated out of my mind about this and this and THIS! Oh, that cookie looks like relief! I'm frightened about this. This cookie looks like relief."

As you begin to reach for relief, there is nothing wrong with reaching for the comfort in food. There's nothing wrong with that, but just don't let that be the only comfort you are reaching for. Reach for the comfort in thought.

Now imagine this really sophisticated chemical factory that has the ability to extract from everything that you give it necessary components. Your body's ability to digest breaks everything down into usable stuff. And the cells of your body then attract to themselves the parts of that usable stuff that they most need. Very raw description, but really an accurate description, too. So your chemical factory has the ability to effectively utilize what you are eating unless you are angry about it or frightened about it or guilty about it. If you don't make peace with the way you are eating, you make it harder for your chemical factory to utilize it. When
you love what you are eating...

That's the biggest thing that has gone wrong with diet in your culture today. You used to eat and like your food, and now you've made all food your enemy.

It's a really rare one of you who can eat anything and not find something in it that makes you believe you should not eat it. So it is really odd to find a human eating and taking pleasure from the food. Instead, you've got this love/hate relationship with food. You want it because the cells of your body are asking for it. You were born with this guidance that lets you know it is time to refuel. You have this cellular calling for the food, then you give it the food and before you have even swallowed it, you've set up a vibrational wall of resistance that makes it more difficult for your body to utilize the food.

That's why different people can eat the identical food and get different results from it. If it were as you think it is, by now or long ago, you should have been able to get a formula that works for everyone - This food means THIS and this food means THIS. This combination of food means this. You are leaving out the only factor that matters. And it's the resistance/allowing factor.

It isn't WHAT you eat, it's how you feel when you eat it.
It isn't WHAT you say, it's how you feel when you say it.
It isn't WHAT you do, it's how you feel when you do it.
It's ONLY how you feel.

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