Friday, April 13, 2007

The better it gets the better it gets -- the process of fine-tuning

I feel so good that even though uncomfortable thoughts are light, I still notice them and have the desire for better feeling thoughts. This process of fine-tuning is happening is such a gentle way now.

I know the Universe offers me one opportunity after another and that I am free to choose what feels good, but still had concerns about not doing the income tax preparation this week while I was between projects. Hanging onto the possibility of working for them was like keeping something in my house in case I "might need it some day." What was activated was an old pattern of thinking I needed to "be responsible" and not trusting my own feelings about what I wanted to do this week because that would be irresponsible (doing things just for fun and because I want to instead of working. Good heavens, what if everyone did that?!!! LOL)

As I was writing yesterday morning I was kind of mulling being responsible vs having fun and got the message that this is just a platform I am standing on and a place to make another choice. I felt relief at this answer to the old way of thinking. It's not a matter of being responsible vs being irresponsible. I was reminded that Abe is telling us we can always make another choice and that the Universe answers. That when we have fun, when we feel good, when we think thoughts that feel good, and make choices that we enjoy...all good things follow. My family was in turmoil when I was very small and I was such a responsible little kid -- kid stuff was being childish. Being responsible is certainly something I can do, but I love the support from the Universe for my hammock-on-the-beach reality creation. I would MUCH rather stand on a platform that feels good to shoot off my next desire! Universe bring me money in ways that are fun and feel good, please.

Now in this particular situation I was wanting to be responsible about money so I got immediate confirmation from the Universe that I made the right decision. I found out my rent is being readjusted and going to be lowered $50 a month starting in June! I had also been thinking I would like a new top and the same day got a $15 gift card in the mail from my favorite store.

All of these things I'm describing were just a few minutes of time, but fell into place in a couple of days. And there were other things happening like that all week, sometimes I would have a thought and within a few minutes get the answer or have something happen. It's a lot of fun when the manifestation happens so quickly and the more fun it is the quicker it happens and the quicker it happens the more fun it is and so on. This makes it even more fun to just have desires and anticipate them coming. Even things I've wanted for a long time are fun now. I know what held them back and I know I'll receive them. And I know the Universe will bring them in some playful, unexpected way. How many folks have their rent lowered?!!

And probably the best thing I've experienced is clarity on creative projects that I've been thinking I'd like to do. Manifestation is already starting to happen this week! I have ideas, they sound like fun, and then gosh gee whiz, I "stumble across" an Internet site that gives me new ideas. I have a thought about what I might want to have to start the project and a place where I could find the supplies comes into my head. I'm going there today and it's so much fun to see what is there for me.

I have fun getting things I desire, but the joy comes from the feeling of connection to a loving Presence, of being watched over and nurtured and loved for who I am. It feels so right to be oriented to that Energy -- the right way for me to live and a way to enjoy this physical experience that feels good all the time. I always have plenty when I know that whatever I need is supplied -- and it is!

The more you find something to appreciate, the better it feels. The better it feels, the more you want to do it. The more you do it, the better it feels. The better it feels...the more you want to do it! The Law of Attraction assists with the powerful momentum of these positive thoughts and feelings until, with very little time and effort, you will find your heart singing in your joyous alignment with who you really are! And, in this wonderful-feeling vibration where no resistance exists, you will be in an exaggerated state of ALLOWING -- you will be in the vibrational state where the things that you desire can flow easily into your experience. The better it gets, the better it gets!

Abraham-Hicks, ASK AND IT IS GIVEN, pp. 143-144 (copyright by Abraham-Hicks Publications)


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