Friday, April 13, 2007

Money is a gift from our loving Universe

I was prompted to channel for myself this evening and with it received golden energy from non-physical into my heart and through my heart to my spine. I'm not sure if my body was physically moving or not, but it felt like a giant heart beat along my spine that eventually filled me and quieted. It seems that there is another shift coming soon for me and that's a good thing. This is just part of coming into attunement with my deepest desires. Feels like a biggee this time.

I'm rewriting this post because by the time I got to the end of it, I changed my alignment with my topic which was prosperity. I see the well-being in money now. I can feel the loving energy of money as a gift from our Father Mother God. "Go here. There's the most beautiful waterfall I want you to see." "This is for you to dress in ways that make you feel like the beautiful person you are." "Taste this delicious dish. And this one. And try this one!" "This is for you, dear one."

The nature of the Universe is abundance and we have full and free access to it. It is the non-physical energy of love and nothing can stop or hinder it in expression. Nothing.

I'm experiencing a whoosh of freeing relief like I've opened up a place that was cramped -- coming out a shoebox into a big wide Universe. And I could see so much abundance in my life before. Wonder what fun this will be to explore!


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